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Trugard Waterproof Membrane Review

In this video Jason does a quick Shower Kit with Tray & Curb unboxing. Also in this video is a quick overview of an installation and why you should use waterproofing membrane to waterproof you shower.

Technical Specifications

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Linear Drain
Linear Drain

Superior Leakproof Systems... in One Complete Kit

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  • Leak Proof
  • High Quality
  • Reliable
  • Drain Placement Flexability
  • Barrier Free Trend
  • Grate & Length Options
Linear Drain Shower Kit Tray and Curb

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  • tile contractor
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    "Trugard Direct has been a huge blessing to our business"

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    "I am now getting about 90% of the jobs I bid. Thanks Trugard"

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    "Trugard Direct absolutely helps us win more of the jobs we bid"

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    “I'm an experienced DIYer and found the install to be, relatively simple, yet work, thanks to the “how to” videos and Matt's advice.

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    "Trugard's low pricing allows us to use this better system without raising our home prices."