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Tile Shower Niche

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Tile Shower Niche
Tile Shower Niche

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    Tile Shower Niche prevail in the majority of slabd wet-areas and tub enclosures nowadays. it would be miraculous-- or extremely lucky-- for that specific nook to line up with the slab design.

    ALL-IN-ONE STORAGE SOLUTION: One-piece wet-area specific nook with recessed shelves and divider

    FITS ANY NEED: Set up either horizontally or vertically to finest match your wet-area; Perfect for storing soaps, shampoos, razors and other wet-area products

    PREPARED TO TILE: Install slab directly on specific nook surface area to personalize shelf to the look and feel of your wet-area

    DURABLE & LONG-LASTING: Made of high quality ABS plastic to endure sturdy use; 100% waterproof and leak-proof

    It's time to revitalize your wet-area with a Specific nook Recessed Wet-Area Shelf

    When redesigning a restroom, consider including a recessed wet-area rack into your style. It's a structured and useful way to add storage space for shampoos and soaps, without eliminating elbow space. Integrated wet-area specific nooks are likewise an excellent alternative to gunky corner shelves and rusty wet-area caddies.

    Hair Shampoo - Soap Niche

    Many wet-area nooks come as preformed systems that are installed in between your studs (basic 16" on center) during a wet-area slab installation. These specific nooks come waterproofed and prepped for slab.

    During the tiling phase, our installers would board in and water resistant your customized nook to prep it for slab. A custom-made slab specific nook can truly make an effect in your wet-area

    A shower specific nook is an ideal spot to keep shampoos and soaps in a nook. However building a fully water resistant, properly sealed tile shower niche can be a detailed and time consuming job. established completely waterproof and prefabricated wet-area specific recess that are all set to slab. the shower specific nooks are totally compatible with surface area used waterproofing systems,

    The preformed shower Lots of Niche Options specific nook provides installers with increased speed throughout setup, integrated with complete waterproofing reliability. The corners of a standard wet-area specific nook are the most challenging area to water resistant

    and can be really prone to standing water and mold growth. With pre-sealed nook corners this challenge is completely eliminated.

    Beautiful Shampoo Nooks For Your Beautiful Bath Products

    If you're going to have a glamorous, gorgeous, spa-like wet-area, you're going to need a specific nook ... or 2 untidy bath products spilling out everywhere?

    A wet-area nook is that one area where it's appropriate for it to be over-wrought, over-thought and over-detailed out, due to the fact that it's sole function isn't really to just hold your things.

    It is accountable for so much more ...

    It can be there to capture your eye.

    To present a little design and style.

    To highlight the location's total style.

    To duplicate an unique product or pattern.

    Or to just make a statement.

    And those are some huge jobs!

    For a nook.

    Create an inspired living space with the beauty and useful convenience of recessed slab racks and nooks. a range of slab setup devices that coordinate with our natural and manufactured stone collections.Find the pieces you have to finish your task and improve your decor.

    Specific nook recessed shelves give you streamlined, clutter-free wet-area walls with no leaks. With over 30 models to select from, you will discover a style to fit your area needs in your wet-area, bathroom and the rest of your house! Obviously

    Contemporary design

    Ready-to-Tile: slab set straight on nook surface

    Easy to set up

    Water proof and leak proof

    Save time and cash

    Using carefully created information will guarantee your new wet-area is all that you want-- and so much more. Our recessed Wet-Area Specific nook product line allows you full modification through a variety of shapes and sizes you can integrate for your specialized requirements. Whether you select side-by-side, separated, stacked or any mix of the 3, all Wet-Area Specific nook options come Ready-To-Tile. Composite material, your wet-area specific nook is very durable and, of course, like all our items, totally water resistant. You simply attach the all set to slab wet-area specific nook to wall studs using deck screws for quick and simple 5 minute setup.


    15 Minutes or Less Setup

    100% Drip Evidence

    Connect to Studs with Slab Backerboard Screws

    No Unique Framing Needed

    Total Style Flexibility

    Several Sizes Offered to Pick From

    Rock Solid PVCore ™ Product

    Adjustable & Fixed Shelf Options

    Mix & Match to Improve Your Wet-Area Experience


    Water resistant specific nooks that are prepared for slab. They can be set up in minutes without penetrations of the Specific nook. Readily available in a wide array of designs and sizes. Created to enable standard size slab to be installed without cutting. Made from extruded polystyrene and coated with acrylic polymer finish. Adds thermal resistance (R worth of 2.5 to 3.0). Adjustable shelves are consisted of with choose sized specific nooks. Conserve Time - Install in minutes

    Nooks install flush in stud wall construction Ready and waterproof for slab

    Long lasting and lightweight pre-fabricated specific nook is a elegant and helpful accessory that can be used to hold shampoo bottles, soap and other requirements while conserving floor area in a slabd wet-area.

    Walk-in wet-areas never seem to have sufficient storage. Specific nooks are the perfect response wide enough for many bottles.

    When defining a specific nook, keep the slab measurements in mind. It's best for slab to be symmetric around a nook. The slab line can end right on the nook for a really tidy appearance. Something to avoid is a very small slab on one or both sides of a specific nook. One service is to frame the specific nook.

    Make certain your specialist guarantees and waterproofs the nook there is proper drain into the wet-area area. This is especially crucial with mosaic slabs. A leakage from a specific nook will cause considerable damage over time.

    With appropriate preparation specific nooks are useful and produce a terrific visual focal point in any a wet-area or bath area.

    Big Wet-Area Cube Ready Wet-Area Base for Slab Waterproof Leakage Evidence Rectangular Restroom Recessed Wet-Area Specific Nook Organizer for Shampoo and Toiletry Storage

    The premade design is ready to slab and can easily be set up in minutes, this lightweight and durable material is essentially unbreakable. A slabd wet-area nook develops an attractive rack to position your wet-area requirements. In addition, the specific nook is frequently used as a design focal point for decorative slabs. Get innovative and utilize multiple sizes.

    - Quick and easy setup

    - Fits basic wall framing

    - Ready for slab

    - Strong bond with polymer modified thin-set mortar

    - Waterproof.

    - Will not mold, rust, leak or mildew.

    - Set up vertically or horizontally.

    Wet-Area Construction.

    As an useful component of the bathroom, a slab wet-area specific nook provides extra storage area to accommodate toiletries. Building your very own recessed wet-area specific nook offers you the liberty of choosing your very own slab design with the included advantage of shaping the general space according to your need wet-area nook.

    The ideal wet-area specific nook for your bathroom.

    There is no rejecting that a wet-area nook is an advantageous and extremely practical addition to any bathroom. Offering requisite storage in a neat, reliable and stable type, a wet-area nook spares the flooring & the corners of the bathtub from the mayhem created by all the hair shampoo bottles, body wash, soaps, fragrant candles and so on. Restroom designers and designers also vouch for the versaslab effectiveness of a wet-area nook, rather than having an unattractive wet-area caddy hanging from the wet-area head.

    Relying on the interior decoration style and the space offered, a wet-area specific nook can be conveniently incorporated into the wet-area space. The sizing, shelving, positioning and products to be utilized likewise add to function and design of the specific nook. When it concerns developing, there is no 'basic" to be followed; the shelves and spacing need to be practical to suit your specific needs. This article offers some valuable insights on wet-area specific nook, that can go a long way in helping you design one for your restroom.

    An integrated wet-area nook can be in stone or slab. If the items to be stored are not numerous, is a single rack alcove can work.

    Based upon where the wet-area specific nook is put, glass and stone are the 2 most commonly used options.

    Bigger wet-area cubbies.

    Wet-Area nooks look natural in any kind of wet-area, as they're so flexible & so fundamental. This makes sure correct drainage into the wet-area location. It's also especially crucial with mosaic slabs. Even a small leak from a specific nook can cause significant damage with time.

    Did you understand that you can quickly customize your wet-area with specific nooks.

    Preformed specific nooks make including such customized touches to your restroom easy versaslab items.

    Classic Nooks.

    Perhaps the ultimate search for a relaxing spa-like bathroom is tidy, easy zen-like retreat recessed slab rack.

    Preformed Niche is light-weight, long lasting, easy to carry, adjust and handle throughout setup with a factory set up, code authorized water resistant covering.

    Bid farewell to wet-area caddies and messy stacks of bottles by including a restroom specific nook to your wet-area. Not just are specific nooks beautifying and functional, they include a distinctive style aspect that sets your bathroom apart. Cautious preparation is crucial to producing a flawless specific nook, here are some considerations for you to remember throughout your remodel.

    Make sure that you have an air-tight waterproofing strategy for your specific nook. A little bit of water dripping can amount to a great deal of damage with time. Utilizing waterproofing membrane, Laticrete with fiberglass tape is a terrific method to guarantee no leakages.

    Raise your hand if your morning regular involves navigating around hair shampoo bottles precariously set down on the tub ledge, body wash and conditioner piled in a corner, or the sad caddy hanging from the wet-area head. It's as bothersome as it gets, and it's unsightly, too.

    When you're remodeling your restroom, it's easy to let this dilemma slip your mind as you browse quite brand-new slabs and fixtures. We're here to tell you, don't get distracted. Ask your professional to incorporate a wet-area nook or 2 for storage-- it will be the very best decision you ever made.

    There are business that prefab specific nooks of varying sizes in a waterproof product that you then slab over.They are created to fit between studs. Just ensure you permit the slab density if you are attempting to make sure the internal measurements hold your products.

    Conditioner, hair shampoo, body wash and shaving gel are simply a few of the everyday products we like to keep convenient in the wet-area. The problem is keeping these must-haves in a method that still leaves your bathroom feeling clutter-free and clean.

    This is why we make a point to talk about slab wet-area nooks with visitors who enter into our Manhattan display room. A wet-area nook is an often-overlooked design component that can leave you feeling much happier about your restroom remodel.

    Clients who opt for a nook see many advantages; the most obvious is storage. Nooks give your shampoo, conditioner and other items a home.

    Another advantage of opting for a nook is in the design. A wet-area nook can catch your eye and add flair to the wet-area while accentuating the bathroom's overall look.

    Specific nooks can be considered art in an otherwise void. When specific nooks highlight a wet-area style, their apparently downplayed presence gives the wet-area a bolder and more stunning outcome. When developing your nook, however, there are three crucial information to think about.

    Specific nooks are extremely flexible, and they look natural in simply about any wet-area design. It's an useful function you'll thank yourself for adding.

    The Wet-Area Nooks.

    Are produced of a deterioration resistant alloyed aluminum with an elastomeric-water proofing and anti-fracture finish integrated with an aggregate bonding base drifting rack.

    SLab Wet-Area Specific nook & Rack's.

    Specific nooks are light-weight, long lasting and prepared to slab.

    A water resistant, slab prepared specific nook made from extruded polystyrene with an acrylic polymer finish.

    Set up in minutes.

    Ready and waterproof to slab.

    Let's face it, your wet-area is barely the only area of your house that could utilize additional storage. Recessed wall specific nooks are discovering homes in kitchen area backsplashes, walls in mud rooms or entryways as well as living space walls to create an integrated in location for your nicknacks like in the image below. Recessed nooks can be installed anywhere you need additional storage or want to feature something as a focal point on a wall.

    Whether it's restoration or brand-new building, wall specific nooks are a great method to produce more space in your restroom. A specific nook or wet-area rack is easy to set up and uses the best location to put your restroom utensils. Here you will find a short explanation about how-to set up a wall specific nook in your restroom.

    Easily produce more storage area

    If you are preparing to renovate your existing bathroom to get more space, incorporating a wall specific nook or wet-area specific nook into the new style is a great method to get more storage space. These special pieces of bathroom design can be customized fitted to practically any space, from the tiniest and most confined restroom to the largest and most elegant one.

    Appropriate for drywall & strong wall specific nooks can be put in both drywall and solid wall building and can be used in existing wall building and constructions along with freshly constructed walls.

    Range of finishes & colours

    Wet-Area specific nooks and wall nooks can be found in a wide array of colors and surfaces, so it is easy to choose a design that is perfect for your home. Whether you pick the ageless sophistication of stainless-steel, the understated elegance of white and crème or the special modern-day look of anthracite, your restroom will get an entire new appearance, and you can delight in the outcomes every time you take a bath or wet-area.


    Location the integrated set into the wanted position. We suggest setting up the specific nook in the center of the two stud


    Perfection is Possible

    WITH THE INITIAL BATHROOM WALL NICHE created to supply slab installers, architects, professionals, and homeowners with an expense and time reliable recessed wet-area rack option to traditional handcrafted wall and wet-area specific nooks

    It typically takes a slab installer 3 hours to create a handcrafted wet-area nook-- however the wet-area nook setup can be done in 4 easy actions, in just 20 minutes. Built to be leak-proof.

    Water resistant nooks that are ready for slab. They can be installed in minutes without penetrations of the Recess. Includes thermal resistance Adjustable racks are included with select sized specific nooks.

    2 compartment nook.

    Wet-Area Shampoo specific nook is installed after the slab is grouted and sealed! Last area for the porcelain nook was established After the slab was brought up to the approximate height.

    Location of your recessed hair shampoo soap shelf.

    The best location is right in front of you, eye level on either side of the wet-area head. Typically there is only the wet-area head water line in the middle.

    Wet-Area Nook Insert.

    wet-area nook insert porcelain wet-area specific nook porcelain wet-area rack recessed wet-area shelving racks ledge specific nook hex slab 1 x prefab wet-area specific nook insert invisible wall specific nooks wet-area specific nook insert slab wet-area inserts.

    contemporary restroom.


    Rock-solid product.

    A wet-area specific nook might be small, but it can play a mighty role in your restroom. This basic alcove has the potential for so much more than just storing shampoo. It can likewise provide your wet-area with a stunning focal point. Firstly, the wet-area nook plays an essential function in keeping your wet-area organized and clutter-free. "Everyone has hair shampoo, soap and toiletries they use in the wet-area, and the specific nook supplies a permanent house for these items," says Ashley. "And given that the nook is recessed into the wall, it does not use up any additional area or crowd your bathing experience." Your wet-area nook can be located out of sight, or be utilized as a focal point in the wet-area. "Using a decorative or accent slab in your wet-area specific nook can break up the visual of a big, extensive wet-area wall," said Ashley. "It also permits you to use something unique that may otherwise be out of your budget plan variety if you utilized it for the whole wet-area." Because it is added in a managed, smaller sized location, the specific nook becomes an additional unique detail and a centerpiece to the wet-area," included Ashley. "If you're opting to utilize the nook as a visual aspect in the wet-area, then you may wish to select a distinctive slab, or something that will stand out from the rest of the wet-area wall.

    Mosaic Slab Nook Concepts for Your Wet-Area.

    Every wet-area needs storage. The bottles and containers and tools that you utilize to make yourself look your best have to be kept somewhere. For the sleekest method to bathroom storage, add built-in shelving to your wet-area.

    Recessed storage compartments are referred to as wet-area specific nooks. With mosaic slab designs, a nook can be not only practical but likewise stunning. To find motivation for your next bathroom redesigning task, glean from this list of mosaic slab specific nook ideas.

    The Large Specific nook is a 2 compartment and fitting easily in between the wall studs. Slab wet-area specific nook is created to hold 32 oz bottles of body, conditioner and shampoo scrubs. Most typical set up can be 2 Big specific nooks, one on each side of the wet-area head at eye level, perhaps his/hers.

    Easy to Set up and Easy to Clean.

    The ideal fit for all your wet-area necessities, our nooks set up quickly and securely, and incorporate flush into the wall panel assembly with fasteners and sealant. Racks, consisted of in some designs, are versaslab and can be set up precisely where they will fit your style best.

    A wet-area specific nook was a need to in my restroom gut renovate.

    Enhancing Wet-Area Nooks with Ornamental Slab.

    While wet-area specific nooks can be utilized to keep crucial products such as soap and hair shampoo they likewise work as a way to include some style, color, or whatever your area may require.

    Subtle yet vertical.

    Including a rectangle-shaped nook that's located vertically can provide you the height you need for several shelves even in a more confined wet-area.

    A nook can be an excellent spot to showcase natural products such as pebble slab.

    a premade wet-area shelf that is completely sealed and is developed to be quick to install.

    Fully water resistant and vapor-tight.

    Functions sealed inside corners for reliable waterproofing.

    To enhance its look, frame the nook.

    Restrooms really aren't complete without a wet-area specific nook to make an imaginative storage area for conditioners, hair shampoo, body wash, and shaving items. At its really least, you have the liberty to make the wet-area nook as large as you desire, add color to its slabs, link neighboring wall, or have it confine around the space.

    The nook can likewise be very useful to even those who have a wet-area and tub combo. Wet-Area nooks are more useful than conventional ones which suggest you can decide to include nooks anywhere else in the restroom; be it in front of the sink or above the tub.

    The Slab Redi basic double nook stands apart from other items that you will discover on the market.

    Besides having a highly practical style, the double specific nook has a stunning style that will fix up the appearances of any restroom.

    Furthermore, this slab specific nook is designed to abide by regional building and pipes codes, so you don't have to worry about getting on the wrong side of the authorities with this nook.

    This nook in wet-area wall likewise features some great features that provide convenience in various ways Among the major advantages you get to take pleasure in with the Slab Redi standard double nook is that it is easy to install.

    This is not like some of the complex specific nooks you'll find on the market which requires advanced technical know-how and a great deal of time to set up.

    A mold-free and leak evidence wet-area pan.

    No requirement for liners and seams.

    No need for additional waterproofing.

    It saves money and time when it concerns installation.

    It is totally all set to slab.

    This shampoo wet-area specific nook likewise includes one of the best water invasion options in the market.

    It is leak proof, mold totally free, and the high end style will certainly add a visual touch to any restroom.

    The style also suggests that you do not require a manually constructed specific nook any longer.

    Considering that it is leak evidence, you also don't need vinyl liners anymore.

    The top compartment is huge enough for tall wet-area items, while the lower compartment is ideal for things like the soap meal and razor.

    It is big enough to accommodate big bottles of wet-area items.

    It is fast and simple to install.

    It is made from long lasting and highly durable product that is likewise easy to tidy.

    It is simple to keep.

    It is a wonderful addition to the restroom.

    The style of this wet-area shampoo nook and the color is modern and fits most slabd bathrooms.

    This item is a great way to equip your wet-area or tub. It is additional large and can accommodate all your bathing accessories. The advantage about it is that it comes with everything that is needed for setup, which of course makes setup of the unit a basic task that will not use up much of your time.

    This wet-area nook is made using premium-quality products,.

    Apart from being installed in a wet-area, this nook can be set up in other locations, and it will still be excellent. A few of the other places it can be installed consist of a medical spa, steam room, by the bath tub, on a bathroom wall, or any other place where you require a waterproof shelf space that can be slabd.

    A wet-area and bath tub nook offers an useful way to have more in an already squeezed area and decrease the requirement for soap meals, wet-area crappies, and racks. An integral wall specific nook provides a designated area to keep body wash, razors, hair shampoo, and any other appropriate product within reach. However, it is important to consider the height of people using the wet-area and the products that need to be kept when choosing the position to install the specific nook.

    Certainly, the usefulness and benefits of wet-area nooks can not be put to the concern, and the most obvious one is that it offers you storage in a much more steady and reputable form than other contexts. There disappears unconventional use of floorings to keep soap, shampoo bottles otherwise you will discover yourself aiming to repair products at the edge if the tub as soon as you install a specific nook. Wet-Area nooks present a convenient method to keep your spot tidy and cool, and they're also rather versaslab and flexible.

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