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Outdoor Shower Kit

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Outdoor Shower Kit
Outdoor Shower Kit

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    Our Outdoor Shower Kit are "smart wet-areas" with modular design that provides the flexibility to deal with various styles. With numerous models and styles, our outdoor shower kits present a wide array of alternatives for any house or development.

    Solar Freestanding Exterior Wet-area

    Portable Hanging Outside Wet-area

    Poolside Freestanding Exterior Wet-area

    Solar Powered Hanging Exterior drains for shower kits  Wet-area

    Retro 6-Jet 2.5 GPM Wall Mount Exterior Wet-area

    Jumbo Camper's Wet-area

    Poolside Solar Freestanding Exterior Wet-area

    Garden Solo Exterior Shower

    Exterior wet-areas are terrific for any post-beach day rinse, or just due to the fact that you wish to be EXTERIORs on a terrific day. Developed for easy assembly so you can conserve time and loan, assemble your outside wet-area with simply a screw weapon, a couple of screws, a level, and a string you can have your own outside wet-area in a matter of hours.

    Home Mount Outdoor Shower Kit with Changing Room
    Our premium wet-area enclosure packs are handcrafted. Every detail has actually been planned to ensure that your outside wet-area experience is extremely comfortable, consisting of platforms and benches with the majority of our designs. Installation is simple, and does not need any previous experience or unique skills.

    The Deluxe Home Mount Cedar Outside Wet-Area Set is our most popular outside wet-area that offers an integrated in changing space location.

    Easy-To-Assemble Exterior Wet-area Stall Set is an affordable option for tidying up after a day of summer enjoyable. When put together, the shower stall package consists of 2 walls, one top rail where you can hang a wet-area drape for easy in/out gain access to barrier free shower kits (pipes not included) and a gate/door. The Exterior Wet-area Stall is ideal for pool and beach season to rinse off before entering your house.

    Consists of all hardware for easy assembly
    When put together, wet-area stall includes 2 walls, 1 top rail for hanging a wet-area curtain (wet-area curtain not consisted of) and 1 gate/fence
    Set up 1 open side of wet-area stall against your house or safe structure
    Plumbing not included in the pack
    Posts (included in package) install into the ground, do not install on a concrete surface area
    Made from long lasting, low-maintenance vinyl
    Great for rinsing sand, dirt and grime prior to entering the home
    Transferable restricted life installing a shower in a kit time service warranty

    Heated Exterior Wet-area

    Enclosure White Exterior Wet-area

    Worldwide Exterior Utility Wet-area Faucet-.

    Whether rinsing from a day at the beach or by the pool, after exercising or puttering in the garden, refresh yourself in a Walpole wet-area enclosure.






    Imaginative design concepts from simple packs to elegant personal waterfalls.

    DIY outside wet-area.

    Free Standing Wet-area Kits.

    Home Mount Wet-area Kits.

    Double Exterior Wet-area a set of outside wet-areas flank a bonus utility room that's best for washing sandy matches and towels.

    Two sets of swinging saloon doors mark the entry to this outside wet-area, which opens onto a cozy mahogany deck with handy bench seating and sensational ocean views. The designers also set up a foot-wash station for good friends who frequently stop in on their method to and from the beach.

    Timeless Outside Wet-area.
    Make an outside wet-area stall feel more like an extension of the home by picking products and paint colors that blend in with the exterior, like the matching slab siding shown here. Wood floorings include warmth and a non-slip surface for bare feet.

    Family-Friendly Exterior Wet-area.
    For a kid-friendly wet-area flooring, think about replacing potentially slippery tiles with synthetic turf. Water drains pipes through the grass into pipes listed below. Covering the remainder of the yard in the synthetic material keeps the appearance cohesive and clearly says "no shoes needed.".

    Collapsible EXTERIOR wet-area set A collapsible EXTERIOR wet-area enclosure that folds up almost flat to a wall surface area when not in usage is herein disclosed. The wall surface would also be the one consisting of a wet-area head and wet-area controls. When in an extended orientation, the wet-area enclosure forms a chamber roughly thirty-six (36) inches square thus allowing the user a location to wet-area privately therein.

    Recreational Vehicle Exterior Wet-area Kits.
    There are many products that are crucial to have in your Recreational Vehicle when you're out traveling the nation. One item that everyone requires, however not all RVs can fit, is a wet-area. Some trailers, fifth-wheels, and Class B Recreational vehicles don't have room for a complete wet-area in their bathrooms. Exactly what is the next best choice? How about an outside wet-area set.
    When you hear the term 'outside wet-area pack,' the very first word that concerns your mind may not be 'high-end.' Our EXTERIOR wet-area sets can include a component of ease, fun, and convenience to your Recreational Vehicle that may make you alter your tune.

    Outside wet-areas, or 'cowboy wet-areas' are best services for Recreational vehicles and campers. Even if you have a wet-area within, a camper wet-area on the exterior is exceptionally useful, for a variety of reasons. View Our Shower Kits

    Initially, it's perfect for camping journeys. After a long hike or a day in the dirt, you may not wish to filthy up your RV with sweat and mud as you walk into it. A fast rinse with the outside shower can get you clean before you go inside.

    It's not simply beneficial for hardcore camping enthusiasts. It's a must-have for RVers with kids. Invest a day at the beach? Have the kids rinse the sand off their legs prior to they enter the rig. Returning from a muddy bike trip? Rinse the bikes prior to attaching them back to the vehicle. Did your pet dog get dirty on the trail? Offer Fido a fast bath before letting him back stall shower kit inside the Recreational Vehicle. You can even use it as a fast method to clean up prior to dinner around a roaring campfire.

    There are countless methods to utilize a cowboy wet-area to your advantage. It adds a lot of convenience to any Recreational Vehicle and keeps the interior of your rig tidy.

    Our exterior wet-area packages are incredibly simple to set up, so you can begin using them right away. The packs consist of an essential lock so your outside wet-area will be secured at campsites, parking lots, etc

    While an EXTERIOR wet-area may appear primitive in nature, we hope you can see now how ingenious it can be.

    Decorate your EXTERIOR wet-area! Bamboo Exterior Wet-area Panel Set By the Poolside.Possible to install almost anywhere within your landscape by simplifying the installation, adding optional garden hose connections and offering a totally portable hot water heating unit. Develop interesting themes or decorate existing outside landscapes with many architectural wet-area panel choices.

    Every Panel Package has a strong, EXTERIOR ranked stainless steel component currently attached. The deterioration and durability of stainless steel have actually proven over and over once again as the choice for marina items, EXTERIOR components and aircraft parts. Stainless steel's natural beauty wards off deterioration and water areas.

    Instant WARM WATER Exterior Wet-area.
    EccoTemp L10 Water Heating System.

    Take a wet-area anytime of the year, early morning, day, night or evening, direct sunlight or not. Delight in immediate and continuous hot water for your wet-area as quickly as the wet-area is turned on. Effectively using clean burning lp and tank-less hot water innovation covered up in a portable system will provide roughly 6 hours of continuous hot water or 40-50, 8-minute hot water wet-areas per 20lb gas tank.

    Exterior Poolside Portable Power Wet-area with Foot Washer.
    78" Tall, 70" to Head, Swivel Wet-area Head with Adjustable Spray.
    Connects to Requirement Garden Hose, NO RUST! All Plastic Materials.
    13" Weightable Base, Attractive Style.

    Temperature Level Control Wet-area Head Wet-area Panel - Includes Rough-In Valve.

    Single System: After a swim at the beach or in the swimming pool, conveniently rinse in your very own gorgeous secure and personal EXTERIOR wet-area. No more dripping swimsuit and sand tracked throughout your home. Offered in 2 various models and 2 various sizes.

    Double Unit: Our outside wet-area double systems offer you with the benefit of a changing space that can be separated with or without a protected partition half wall to keep clothes dry and your family and visitors can alter in complete privacy. Readily available in eight different models and two various sizes.

    Cabanas: The cabana designs are ideal for house owners who desire the convenience of EXTERIOR living by including a bathroom to our double unit. Extend the walls for personal privacy and include a SaniFlo toilet and sink. Why would you ever have to enter into your house again? Keep household and visitors outside while keeping your house tidy on the inside. Readily available in 2 different models and 2 various sizes.

    This hassle-free Eucalyptus Exterior Wet-area is a fantastic place to rinse off after a swim in the pool or a day at the beach. Durably-made of beautiful wood and developed for convenience, it features a smooth wood platform and links easily to any garden hose pipe.
    The Eucalyptus Exterior Wet-area makes it simple to tidy up after any EXTERIOR activity
    All-in-one wet-area head with a beautiful wood stand and platform
    Connects quickly to any garden pipe
    Self-standing design
    Easy assembly

    A freestanding Stainless-steel Garden Wet-area is powered by a garden hose. Parts consist of a pipe, wet-area head, brass fittings and foot stand (plus anchors to protect it in place).

    stainless steel Serpentine Wet-area is 83 inches high and weighs in at a mere 9 pounds, making it easy to move around in a garden.

    Exterior Wet-area has a copper neck and a strong concrete base for shower kits how to install stability. (The base also has a tap in case you want to fill a watering can without loosening the hose pipe from the wet-area.

    outside wet-area made of northern pine logs has a tap to turn on for a foot wash and a faucet to connect a watering tube.

    Made of rust-proof galvanized steel with a base of acacia wood, a Waterfall Exterior Wet-area has a tap to manage pressure and an overhead tube to supply a waterfall drape of water.

    a Portable Exterior Wet-area has a tripod stand, a detachable wet-area heard, and adjustable spray settings.

    A 7-foot-high Poolside Solar Wet-area With Base. With one turn of the stainless steel manage, the bigger 6-in diameter wet-area head sends out a circulation of calming warm water on the bather. A garden tube water supply is all that you will need to finish you backyard retreat poolside solar wet-area.
    Black extended 5.5-gal Wet-area tank.
    Stands 7-ft high with 6-in diameter wet-area head for bigger wet-area area.
    Stylish scalloped resin base steps 19.6-in X 19.6-in.
    Consisted of port for garden hose pipe water supply (hose not included).

    Poolside, our wet-area and rack include convenience to swim-day fun. They're developed with strong and weather-resistant wood and metal, and finished in a natural shade that lets them mix quickly with other furnishings. The shelf consists of hooks and a towel bar for flexibility.

    Piping and faucet made from stainless steel and zinc.
    ABS wet-areahead, stainless-steel pressure valve, with a wood base and stand.
    Wet-area shelf is made of acacia wood and metal.
    Exterior wet-area is crafted of sustainably gathered Eucalyptus licensed by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC ®) with a hand-applied moisture-resistant surface.
    Wet-area rack (offered individually) consists of 4 hooks.
    Mounting hardware consisted of (2 screws and 2 anchors).

    A convenient outside wet-area is best for washing off beach sand, cleaning fish, bathing family pets, cleaning outside or sports equipment and more.
    Complete EXTERIOR wet-area pack consists of faucet, a 60" strengthened tube, head with quick shut-off and bracket. UV supported case resists yellowing and includes key lock.

    The popularity of EXTERIOR wet-areas has actually skyrocketed in the last few years. "Individuals like the concept of having the ability to bathe al fresco," states garden craftsmen Scott Cohen. Walpole Woodworkers has reacted to this desire with their EXTERIOR wet-area enclosures.

    The wet-area enclosures, which are shipped as a pack, are available in low-maintenance vinyl or cedar. You can select from four various design choices, ranging from a basic stall to a design that consists of a separate changing location.

    Choices for tailoring the enclosures:.

    Inlaid lattice panels or a lattice ceiling.
    Option of paint and stain colors.
    Choice of post caps.
    Option of hinges and latches.
    Optional towel rack.
    Optional energy cabinet.

    Exterior wet-areas.

    A location to wash off outdoors is a no-brainer for beach occupants. It's also terrific for cleaning up grimy garden enthusiasts, sweaty Little Leaguers, and muddy mutts. Here's the best ways to connect one of your own.

    Basic and Modern.
    This stacked wood wet-area brings design and function to the generally practical outside bathing location. Take a tour of the rest of this modern-rustic EXTERIOR space.


    One benefit to using wet-area sets for outside wet-areas is the kind of products they are built from. Many wet-area packages are made from low and resilient upkeep composite materials that can quickly endure EXTERIOR usage. The materials used are resistant to splitting, chipping and peeling, and given that there are no grout lines between tiles, they are very easy to tidy and will not make it simple for mold to form since there are no joints.

    Embrace ease and efficiency with a weathered mahogany surface outside wet-area. Whether you're cooling down after a sunny day by the swimming pool or are washing off after EXTERIOR activities, utilizing the rust resistant strong brass fittings and the mahogany polyurethane layered frame will prove to be pleasurable and, ultimately, needed. This easily assembled outside wet-area connect to an outside spigot and can be adjusted for warm water.

    Type: Single Limit Base.
    Product: Brass and mahogany.
    End up: Weathered.

    Having an outside wet-area in your backyard is a terrific function, especially if you have a swimming pool or live near the beach. One simple method to obtain your wet-area established in no time is by installing a wet-area set. Wet-area sets are economical and make setting up a new wet-area fairly easy given that all the components required are currently upraised and prepared to go.
    By installing prefabricated wet-area packs, you have a cost-effective choice that does not require a large investment in labor expenses. You can even install the wet-area yourself if you have a little knowledge about how to hook up the plumbing.

    Portable altering room and EXTERIOR camping bathroom, EXTERIOR wet-area, short-lived bathroom.

    Wet-area enclosure packages, wet-area enclosure sets appealing wet-area enclosure packages wet-area packages wall white floor wet-area enclosure packages. Wet-area enclosure packages bath wet-area enclosure package white in round design corner wet-area enclosure packages bath wet-area enclosure package wet-area stalls packs, wet-area enclosure sets inexpensive wet-area packs medium size of wet-area enclosure alternatives restroom enclosures packs concepts couch incredible image. Wet-area enclosure sets corner framed moving wet-area, wet-area enclosure packages corner wet-area packs wet-area packs wet-areas cool bathroom wet-areas corner wet-area packs wet-area at corner wet-area, wet-area enclosure sets basics corner entry wet-area enclosure packages and tray.

    a sleek indoor/EXTERIOR style with a pivot door that offers a glimpse of the water view,.

    Rinse in the past and after you use your medspa or jacuzzi with the easy-to-install EXTERIOR solar wet-area. Place it in a sunny spot and connect a garden tube, and the 2-piece black PVC tubes take in the sun's warmth for a naturally warm outside health club wet-area. It likewise makes a fantastic outside pool wet-area, or barn wet-area, garden wet-area, tennis wet-area anywhere you want an outside wet-area.

    It was developed to be an EXTERIORs wet-area, you can also set up inside for cabins or while camping, simply connect a garden hose pipe, for a brisk and quick wet-area. For a hot/cold EXTERIOR wet-area without dependence on solar heat, just link cold and hot hoses from your home supply of water into a tee valve assembly, and you can dial-in the best temperature level. Link the 2 tubes together and screw on the tube adapter and the wet-area nozzle. Link the base squares and bolt television upright to the base assembly.

    Versatile Portable Exterior Camping wet-areas.
    At the exact same time, absolutely nothing feels better after a long, rough and topple walking than stepping under portable EXTERIOR camping wet-areas to wash away the path dust. Portable wet-areas likewise double as a campsite cleaning tool to hose pipe down your camping accessories.

    Single Wet-area Enclosures.

    Our single EXTERIOR wet-area stall provides you with the convenience of being safe and personal while wet-areaing. The door can be put in any location on the wet-area unit and can be opened in any instructions to match your needs.

    Double Wet-area Enclosures.

    For simple and practical outside wet-area packages, our outside double wet-area stalls offer you with the benefit of an altering space separated by a partition wall to keep your clothing dry while being safe and secure and private. The door can be put in any location on the unit and can be opened in any instructions.

    Cabana/Locker Wet-area Enclosures.

    The cabana/locker designs of our outside wet-area enclosures can be utilized for beach homes, swimming pools & swim clubs, condo associations and camps. The door can be placed in any area on the wet-area unit and can be opened in any instructions.

    RV wet-areas and Tubs.
    Exterior Wet-area.
    Wet-area Box.

    Economy EXTERIOR wet-area system is readily available with or without a foot wet-area and in chrome just - order above (see image listed below).
    Chrome-plated brass faucet body with lucite deals with, and plastic (requirement) wet-area head.
    This can be adjusted for garden tubes - purchase parts at a regional shop (parts not offered by manufacturer).

    Outside beach wet-area is made of excellent quality brass, leading wet-area has actually square/round shape, sidespray style could include convenience.

    This EXTERIOR wet-area package is perfect for your outside space. The Alvin Exterior Stainless-steel Wet-area Panel features a.

    Providing smooth and exact control over water temperature and circulation, this system provides a superb wet-areaing experience ...
    Hudson Reed.

    Premier completing procedure - finishes will resist rust and staining through everyday use - Wet-area System Consists Of ...
    Signature Hardware · Wall Mounted · Stainless Steel.

    Exterior Solar Wet-area would provide you a relaxing wet-area whenever you like. Have a relaxing wet-area to win tidy back ...

    This wood garden wet-area is made from hardwood and fir wood, both which are identified by absolute weather condition resistance and.

    Stainless steel brushed nickel restroom wet-area faucet utilized stainless steel product and has brushed nickel finish, 8 inch top.

    Get immediate relief from the sun's heat. A circular chrome wet-area head and elegant hardwood develop our practical and portable.

    Develop the supreme yard sanctuary with this glamorous outside wet-area enclosure. Crafted from premium weather condition resistant vinyl.

    Brass body building and construction, chrome plated surface. 3" center distance. Union inlets are mix 1/2" threaded or solder.

    Chrome finish for an elegant look. 2-handle design makes it simple to adjust the water temperature level.

    absence pipes skills however have a good sturdy tree, here's the most convenient outside wet-area solution of all: Just connect a wet-area visit your garden tube and curtain it over a branch.

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