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    PROVA is the ultimate basement waterproofing device features every one of the parts demanded to create a totally adhered water limited installation for maintenance-free tiled downpours. PROVA items shield floor, wall and also ceiling cavities versus water as well as water vapor infiltration and also avoid mold and mildew and mildew and mold accumulation over years of use.

    PROVA FLEX-HEAT ® provides the greatest convenience in floor tile underlayment. Light-weight uncoupling along with heating cord functionalities

    Attributes a deep-seated gouge layout with securing passages that agree with for a number of densities of home heating cable televisions

    Features an unique Shear Worry Command ® body along with non-woven anchoring fleece to neutralize stress triggered by motion in the substratum

    Exclusive water vapor monitoring system provides open sky networks on the bottom to allow wetness to dissipate

    The supreme waterproofing body features all of the elements required to build a fully bound water strict assembly for maintenance-free tiled showers. Our collection of PROVA ® products safeguard wall, ceiling and floor cavities against water and also water vapor penetration as well as protect against mold and also mildew buildup over years of usage. The pre-fabricated steep pan for downpour manners gets rid of the necessity for a mortar bed and also lessens the overall body weight and installation opportunity.

    Enter an unfinished restroom along with PROVA ® and enjoy exactly how this cutting edge line of items completely transforms the setup method. The design options are actually restricted just by the imagination!

    The all brand-new PROVA FLEX-HEAT is the most up to date and also very most multi-functional tile underlayment offered today. Including a deep-seated canal layout ideal for numerous thicknesses of heating cable televisions. The special Vapor Control Unit and also Shear Anxiety Command body delivers unsurpassed premium in anti-fracture and uncoupling that is developed to exceed the competitors. Step onto an ended up tiled floor as well as remainder assured that the coziness and durability of the ceramic tile installment will definitely last for many years to follow.

    Lightweight Uncoupling Along With Shear Stress And Anxiety Command. One-ply non-woven fleece under the membrane layer reduces the effects of stress and anxiety triggered by movement in the substrate.

    Roughly 3 (7.6 centimeters) Cable television Space: for most reliable warmth circulation based on cable supplier specs.

    Versatile Heating Cord Being Compatible. May be utilized along with various cord measurements of approximately 0.2 (5mm) thick.

    The Loxcreen Flooring Team introduced its own brand new uncoupling membrane layer, Prova Flex-Heat, at The International Surfaces Celebration (TISE) this previous January and also the buzz on the program flooring was actually as warm and comfortable as the ceramic tile floors this brand new membrane layer will definitely assist for a long times ahead, the company declared. According to Loxcreen, Prova Flex-Heat exhibits the supreme adaptability in ceramic tile underlayment along with heating cable capacities and also both were shown during online product exhibitions the company held at the program.

    " Our company knew our experts needed to take our time and do our due carefulness on this specific product considering that the marketplace segment our team are getting into right now actually has a reputable item existence in the phrases of uncoupling membranes. We wished ensure our item was actually distinct and that our team could supply extra value to our final user and also our circulation network. Our experts carried out certainly not view value in a 'me as well' kind product that resembled the design as well as minimal requests of the other membrane layers in the marketplace," claimed Joe Comitale, head of state of Loxcreen Flooring Team.

    Prova Flex-heat Tile Underlayment

    Newest & very most multi-functional tile underlayment

    Deep gouge layout ideal for multiple -

    cord measurements of approximately 0.2" dense (5mm).

    6mm slow-witted membrane layer protect substrate coming from -.

    dampness infiltration & be actually utilized for uncoupling.

    Water vapor administration & shear stress control gives.

    anti-fracture & uncoupling top quality.

    Non-rotting & non-deteriorating - 161 sq.ft.

    Prova-Flex is a multi-functional polypropylene membrane layer utilized as an underlay for ceramic floor tiles and all-natural rock. It serves as an "uncoupling" membrane on all suitable substratums and as a water vapor stress equalization membrane versus moisture in the substratum. Prova Flex secures against moisture in the substratum as well as is prepared to floor tile promptly after installation.It is additionally Made in North The United States.

    The Prova- Flex is actually sandwiched between a white colored polypropylene non interweaved cloth on the bottom to optimize bonding to the subfoor. It additionally has an intertwined polypropylene netting material (net) complied with the top surface area to offer mechanical connecting properties along with boosting the surface of exchange Tweaked mortars used.

    Prova-Flex types a waterproofing, uncoupling, and vapor stress equalization level.

    Designed for ceramic floor tile as well as measurement stone installments. The overlaying screen offers a more powerful bond than Prova as well as carries out certainly not need the investment of ProvaFlex works as an uncoupling layer for troublesome substrates, a basement waterproofing membrane, and also a vapor tension equalization coating to satisfy moisture taking place at the bottom of the substrate. To bond Prova-Flex, use a Changed mortar that pertains for the substratum. Administer the Tweaked mortar utilizing a 1/4" x 3/16" (6 mm x 4.5 mm) V-notched trowel. The fastening polypropylene non woven fabric on the bottom of Prova-Flex must be fully participated in the mortar to supply a technical bond to the substratum. Utilizing the thin-bed procedure, set the tile dealing with directly on the ProvaFlex as if the tile glue comes to be robotically secured in the routered screen covered cavities of the Prova-Flex mats.

    Prova-Flex has a 25 year manufacturer's warranty The Expectation of life of Prova-Flex are going to go over 150 years.

    The ProvaFlex possesses a coating screen or cobweb connected to the best of it. I like this. It just appears like it will include even more of a mechanical fastening to the membrane layer and tense up the setup on its own. Whether that is actually correct or otherwise-- I have no tip, however I still like the reality that it exists.

    When I peeled this webbing off, however, I was a bit disappointed in how easily it was peeled back. I expected it to be nearly as difficult to remove as the fleece on the underside-- it was not. It is attached fairly well but not nearly as well as I would have liked or been comfortable with. Maybe I'm just an anal bastard a demanding consumer-- I don't know. I still like it, though.

    Prova's surface is comprised of 3/4 ″ square 'waffles'. I will say type that the 'pillars' created by the Oriva will have a bigger, more consistent footprint in contact with the substrate.

    This far I would call it fairly even as far as a practical application indoors. There is one major difference that is almost certainly a deal-breaker for me-- the ProvaFlex cavities are not dovetailed.

    The online literature and marketing hype-- all of which compares it as an alternative for uncoupling membrane at a lower price-- states, and my computer quotes "... with a grid structure of square, cut-back cavities ..." Just a bit (ridiculously) misleading if you ask me. The shape of the cavities is most certainly not square and if by 'cut-back' they mean dovetailed-- they most certainly are not that either.

    This may or may not be a marketing ploy-- it is not for me to say (yet) but the description can 'technically' be described as accurate if by 'cut-back' they mean the shape of the funny looking squares and by 'square' they mean the shape of the cavities in the z-axis, as it gets deeper.

    The bond for the Prova membrane relies entirely on a mechanical process, the aforementioned dovetails. The bond for the ProvaFlex relies also on a mechanical process, the webbing or mesh attached to the top of the membrane. This webbing, in turn, is attached by means of a chemical process.

    I'm unsure what this chemical process actually is. I'm certain it is a trade secret and they would send black helicopters after me if I were to divulge it. I don't know-- I don't care. It does not change the fact that the bond with ProvaFlex is not truly and entirely mechanical. The entire bond of your tile installation relies on the process and durability of the mesh webbing attached to the face of the ProvaFlex membrane.

    When you decide which product you want to use under your tile installation you should take into account the method of attachment. ProvaFlex seems like a decent product for a small application such as a small bathroom without excessive traffic or maybe a small countertop. It is entirely up to you whether to use it or not.

    I just did two bathroom floors with it which I now own. With any new product someone has to take that risk.

    This product will not be a replacement for Prova for me. I don't believe the reverse to be true. If you install hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of tile do not nickel and dime the price of your underlayment. Saving one or two hundred dollars now may lead to replacing the thousands of dollars worth of everything later on down the road.

    M-D Building Products, Inc. (MDBP) warrants that Prova-Shower System will meet all composition criteria for 10 years from the date of purchase. Additionally Prova-Shower System will conform to its performance criteria for 10 years from the date of purchase if the tile assembly was subjected to normal usage and installed in accordance with the Prova-Shower System Installation Instructions and the installation standards of the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) and the Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canada (TTMAC). If the Products fail to meet this warranty, MDBP, at its election, will a) reinstall or replace the failed portion of the tile assembly or b) pay an amount not to exceed the original square foot cost of the installation of the tile assembly shown to be defective. Tile assembly is defined and limited to include all Prova-Shower System components, non-reusable tile surfaces, and the appropriate setting and grouting materials.

    Prova-Flex is a durable, lightweight uncoupling membrane that provides crack isolation protection on cement slabs and an easy-to-install, labor saving alternative to backer board on wood substrates. The Prova-Flex unique design features an impermeable polypropylene sheet formed with a regular pattern of hollow studs to hold thinset mortar, sandwiched between a woven polypropylene netting on top and a polypropylene non-woven anchoring fabric that is laminated to the bottom with a polyolefin based adhesive (Shear Stress Control). The top netting ensures a superior mechanical bond with the cured thinset holding the tile to the Prova-Flex (when compared to open dove-tailed designs), while the bottom fabric neutralizes stress caused by multi- directional lateral substrate movement thereby protecting the tiled surface.

    Provides excellent bonding surface for tile.

    Bridges stress cracks and control joints.

    Light weight, labor saving.

    Equalizes substrate vapor pressure.

    Water impermeable.

    Chemical resistant, non-rotting.

    Rated EXTRA HEAVY by TCNA Robinson Floor.

    Test (ASTM C627).

    Prova-Flex provides the ideal underlayment for interior residential and commercial tile applications on both cement slabs and wood substrates. Durable but lightweight, Prova-Flex provides a tenacious bonding surface for tile and a separation layer between tiles and the substrate, preventing the transfer of stresses to the tile surface. Prova-Flex is not recommended for exterior applications.

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    PROVA-FLEX® is a durable, lightweight tile underlayment that provides crack isolation protection on cement slabs and an easy-to-install, labor saving alternative to backer board on wood substrates.

    • Features a patented Shear Stress Control® system with non-woven anchoring fleece to neutralize stress caused by movement in the substrate.
    • Top scrim allows for a superior mechanical bond with the cured thinset mortar
    • Rated "EXTRA HEAVY' by TCNA

    PROVA FLEX-HEAT® provides the ultimate versatility in tile underlayment. Lightweight uncoupling with heating cable capabilities

    • Features a deep groove design with locking channels that are suitable for multiple thicknesses of heating cables
    • Features a unique Shear Stress Control® system with non-woven anchoring fleece to neutralize stress caused by movement in the substrate
    • Exclusive vapor management system provides open air channels on the underside to allow moisture to dissipate
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