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Walk In Shower Kits
Walk In Shower Kits

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    If you're looking to remain on the relocation, we've got the solution-- the convenience of a walk-in shower kit, matched with the total security and convenience that Trugard Direct constantly provides. Take your time, take pleasure in the steam, and relax-- or pop in, get clean, and be on your way.

    Trugard walk-in wet-area fits quickly into the area of your existing tub or wet-area with all the convenience you get out of a high-end bathing experience. Experience an adjustable hand-held wet-area wand, easy-to-reach controls, a fast on/off wet-area wand button.

    Just like all of our items, our professionals will install your Trugard Stall Wet-area in your existing area, eliminating the need for extensive remodeling or unnecessary expenditure. Our installers work rapidly, making sure not to harm your floors, fixtures, walls, or cabinets.

    With so many Walk-in shower kit readily available, selecting the ideal business to install your really own stall wet-area can seem frustrating. That's due to the fact that Trugard is dedicated to more than just offering a product.

    With a design that can be tailored for you, the ideal Trugard Stall Wet-area will boost the beauty, style and harmony of your restroom. That's why we provide completely personalized wet-areas and use the option to consist of a seat in your Stall Wet-area so you're complimentary to wet-area in security and convenience, whether you like to stand or sit!

    All the Trugard Accessible shower Stalls are easily packaged with numerous pre-selected, unique fixtures.Trugard limit walk in wet-areas stalls are excellent for any user in requirement of much safer bathing. The wet-area stall walls are molded utilizing a spray on acrylic surface called Acrylx, reinforced with wood and fiberglass, leading to a rigid wet-area surround with easy-to-clean, smooth interior surface area. The steel pipeline reinforcement is used in the bigger wet-area wall panels to endure warping and achieve the precise wall & wet-area base fit. The surface includes a stylish simulated tile pattern for the walls and an anti-slip texture for the wet-area base flooring. Wet-area surfaces are readily available in 3 color alternatives (white, bone or biscuit) and likewise in a range of component bundle alternatives.

    With a low threshold and streamlined devices, the Trugard Shower is another safe and lovely walk‑in solution for those with movement obstacles. A range of personalized functions and add-ons enable you to produce a wet-area experience all your own.

    Picking in between a new stall bath or wet-area for your house depends greatly on your needs and availability. While both provide the security advantage of a low step‑in for easy entry, the convenience and visual advantages vary.
    Trugard Walk‑In Wet-area allows you to wet-area in a conveniently seated position while taking pleasure in the restorative benefits of hydrotherapy whirlpool jets. It likewise permits you to recline as you wet-area. Those who feel comfortable standing for a longer duration of time might find that the Trugard Wet-area, which offers a more traditional wet-area experience.

    Trugard intends to satisfy the most requiring clients' expectations and requirements, providing a large range of top quality products from widely known business, at the most affordable rates. The line of product items are made of top-notch products in accordance with the most sophisticated innovative technologies. They feature extended performance and thoughtful style that will completely fit in any contemporary bathroom interior, accentuating your dedication to design and development.
    The Trugard wet-area kits available at the most attractive rates permit easy setup and require almost no unique maintenance even after years of usage. The wet-area doors of the kits can be quickly opened and closed with simply one hand, thanks to thoughtfully designed anodized aluminum guide rails. Besides that, the wet-area kits have the threshold base with a raised edge to prevent water leakage over the threshold. The wet-area base has a slip- and scratch-resistant acrylic top for safe bathing.
    To ensure remarkable sturdiness, the wet-area mix sets have anodized aluminum guide wall profiles and bases enhanced with fiberglass. A few of the models have several accessory shelves and corner foot rests for extra convenience.

    Converting an old bath tub to a walk-in wet-area-- be it a prefab unit or custom job-- is high on lots of a property owner's remodeling wish list. These logistical factors to consider and design concepts for stall wet-areas will set you up for success.

    Unlike standard stalls, stall wet-areas do not need a drape or door to obstruct the spray of water, leading to a spacious, open look. While prefab systems have shallow curbs to keep excess water from running onto the restroom floor, numerous custom stalls are developed without any curbs, simply a carefully sloping flooring-- which suggests greater availability, a big benefit for those with joint injuries or movement problems.

    Another property is multi-nozzle spray, a basic feature in many stall showers. Depending on your individual preference, you can have as many as 10 spray nozzles directing water to all sides of your body.

    While the size of your walk-in wet-area will be figured out by the amount of the restroom's readily available floor space, property owners have lots of decorative freedom in customized style. You can:
    - Select the color and type of tile for the floor and walls.
    - Opt to install glass panels or even glass blocks on several sides.
    - Select the shape. Geometrics, such as squares, rectangles, and hexagonal lines, are popular, but you can select essentially any wall shape-- even a curved wall-- if you have sufficient floor space. Basic structure code recommends a minimum of 30 inches of strolling space between restroom components, so leave sufficient space to walk between the brand-new wet-area and the vanity or commode.
    - Create a wet-area that fulfills the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) suggestions to accommodate a person with mobility concerns. In addition, talk to your local building authority to see if any extra codes use. The ADA suggests a minimum size of 36 inches by 36 inches for a stall wet-area, which features a bench connected to one wall for sitting. Even if you avoid the bench, 36 inches by 36 inches is a great minimum size for ease of bathing. If the wet-area will accommodate a roll-in wet-area chair, the ADA recommends a minimum size of 30 inches by 60 inches to allow simple in-and-out gain access to

    Here's a basic idea of what a stall wet-area task entails:
    1. Demolition and disposal of the old tub and wallboard.
    2. New wall framing, if needed, to accommodate the wet-area setup.
    3. Mechanical rough-in, which includes setting up brand-new water supply lines for a wet-areahead and faucets, and/or numerous nozzles, in addition to the positioning of the drain. An electrician will wire it during this phase if you're including an overhead wet-area light.
    4. Setup of moisture-resistant wallboard (often concrete fiber board) over the wall studs. (This step isn't compulsory with a prefab system.).
    5. Wet-area pan setup. A prefab wet-area pan requires only to be embeded in place and attached to the framing, but a custom-made wet-area pan need to be hand-formed from concrete to achieve the right drain slope. Then a water resistant membrane will be set up to prevent leakage.
    6. Installation of tile on custom-made wet-area walls. This is the time to place the wall surround if you've picked a prefab unit.
    7. Setup of components consists of connecting nozzle spray heads, a wet-areahead, faucet handles, and the drain cover.
    8. They'll go on last to minimize the danger of chips or breaks that are more likely to occur if they're set up earlier if adding glass wall panels.

    Broaden a little restroom's utility by designing a stall wet-area that supplies a solid wall or walls for positioning tubs or vanities. Relatively an extension of the bathroom's board-clad walls, this knee wall accommodates a shallow vanity with a mirrored door. White painted walls, the wet-area's glass enclosure and tiled walls, and reflective surface areas motivate light to move around the space, triggering the small bathroom to appear roomier.

    Set a stall wet-area into a little bathroom's corner, but broaden the wet-areaing location by choosing a neoangled base and glass enclosure that enter the main bath location. This stall wet-area's neoangled design broadened the wet-area's square video footage, offering the property owners area for adding a built-in bench.

    Even the smallest restroom can accommodate bounteous style. Small in dimension, this stall wet-area makes an effect thanks to its marble door frame and tiled interior, which are highlighted by charcoal walls. Restroom flooring tiles repeat inside the wet-area to visually link the two areas.

    Forget about including a tub if wet-areaing is your go-to bathing alternative. Rather, use what would have been the tub wall to produce a spacious stall wet-area. Stretching throughout a restroom's back (and quickest wall), this stall wet-area offers lots of indulging without overwhelming the small bathroom. Continuing the bathroom's marble walls and tiled floor covering into the wet-area makes up a cohesive scene that creates the perception of a bigger space.

    Confine a stall wet-area with a seamless glass enclosure. The transparent barriers use up little visual space and let natural light flow in between the bathroom and wet-area, which in turn makes a small restroom live larger than its dimensions. This bathroom's neutral tiled walls continue into the stall wet-area to advance the space-stretching impression

    When restroom area is at a premium, think about placing bathing and wet-areaing stations within one enclosure. The homeowners tucked a small soaking tub inside the stall wet-area to take full advantage of a minimal quantity of floor area. Advantageously, the two-in-one style keeps sprinkling water and damp footprints away from commode and vanity areas.

    Style a stall wet-area that makes the most of your little bathroom's architectural curiosity. Tucking a wet-area underneath an eave allowed these property owners to fit a stall wet-area near light-inviting windows in their little bathroom. Another benefit: Adding the wet-area developed an interior wall that accommodates a second vanity.

    When making method for a stall wet-area, think about other bathroom facilities. Dressed with a basic glass door, this stall wet-area supplies a strong wall for showcasing a freestanding tub. A transom window deals with the door to carry light from nearby windows into the wet-area's interior.

    Provide your little restroom with downsized vanities or pedestal sinks to open up area for a stall wet-area. Wet-area is framed by shallow walls that develop nichelike recesses that house two vanities. The wet-area's frosted-glass door, which stops a few feet listed below the ceiling, supplies personal privacy without blocking light.

    Include a stall wet-area that enhances a small bathroom's effectiveness and beauty. wet-area stands out in a just supplied bath, thanks to its distinctively tiled walls and river-rock-tiled flooring that are quickly seen through a frameless glass wet-area enclosure. The glass enclosure stair-steps up a marble frame, highlighting the wet-area bench and a toiletry rack that lines up with the beaded-board wainscoting's upper trim.

    Stall wet-areas offer an option to the timeless wet-area-bathtub mix. They can include flooring and/or storage area to a little bathroom, or they can use an oversized, luxury wet-area experience.
    These kinds of wet-areas can be found in a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs to fit every budget. Stalls are produced and offered by home appliance stores, bathroom fixture suppliers and big retail outlets. They are likewise an excellent aging-in-place alternative for elders whose mobility and eyesight might have degraded.

    Stall wet-areas are among the most flexible features of a house when it comes to size. As long as there is space in the restroom, the stall can be as big or small as you like. For particularly small bathrooms, the stall can offer more wet-area area than conventional tub styles.
    * Single: The single wet-area is a terrific space saver. It can be made smaller to better accommodate your area, or it can be made bigger to offer more convenience.
    * Double: Double-sized stall wet-areas are created to fit two individuals conveniently. These are great for married couples or for anyone who requires assistance wet-areaing.
    * Big: Larger stalls are all about high-end. They might or may not be enclosed, and they can include more than one wet-area head.

    There are lots of stunning and varied styles for stall wet-areas that come from a variety of manufacturers. Depending on the space you need to work with, certain styles might fit much better than others.
    * Corner wet-area: A corner wet-area occupies one corner of your bathroom. This is a classic and popular positioning since it makes the finest usage of smaller sized areas.
    * Suite wet-area: The suite wet-area is attractive and luxurious. Its big enclosed area separates it from the remainder of the restroom, making it resemble a totally separate room or ensuite.
    * Round wet-area: The round wet-area is a popular contemporary trend that treats the wet-area area like the main function of the restroom. This is a beautiful way to display a big bathroom area.
    As with the majority of home appliances, stall wet-areas are offered in a large range of products. They differ in cost, sturdiness and general aesthetic appeal.
    * Glass: Resilient glass is a popular product for wet-area enclosures and doors because it is gorgeous and traditional.
    * Tile: For open stall wet-areas, tile provides a luxurious aim to the whole restroom. It can be set up along the walls and the flooring to match.
    * Plastic: Plastic has a lot to use in terms of design and durability. Often used for enclosed wet-areas, it is readily available in clear, colored or frosted styles.
    Security Functions
    Stall wet-areas are ideal for people with certain physical disabilities due to the fact that they permit entrance and exit without the requirement to step over a bath tub rim or wet-area riser. There are other particular safety features to consider.
    * Bench seat: A bench seat is best for times when you wish to relax or for those who are aging or have a disability. The bench seat also is great for shaving.
    * Security bar: Designed to offer assistance, grab bars can be set up virtually anywhere within the wet-area area. They are generally economical and highly effective.
    * Anti-slip floorings: Tile, cement and other floor coverings can be exceptionally slippery. Anti-slip floors provide grip for your feet and assist keep prevent falls.

    What are different types of stall wet-areas?

    Enclosed wet-areas are totally surrounded and are simple to access through a door.
    The open stall has no door and a broad expanse of tiled flooring. It usually requires a fantastic amount of area so that excess water doesn't pool on the flooring of the bathroom.
    Surround spray
    In this style, multiple wet-area heads are put around the walls of the wet-area so that you are struck from numerous angles by the spray.
    Who can gain from stall wet-areas?

    Single individuals can personalize their stall wet-area to satisfy their specific needs, whether it be an elegant wet-area experience or a compact wet-area to suit a home.
    Couples can go with a double wet-area if they select, and they can customize their stall wet-area based on the size of their restroom and any extra functions they desire.
    A family that uses one bathroom for bathing requires plenty of space for storage and their wet-area. In addition, any fixtures need to be long lasting and safe to utilize.
    Elderly and disabled
    People with unique physical requirements can discover it a lot easier to get in and out of a stall wet-area than a bath tub. Elderly individuals can take advantage of the ease of access too, particularly when combined with certain extra functions such as benches, security grab bars and flexible doors.
    Caregivers will discover these particular functions that allow them to more easily aid with bathing of their care recipient

    Whether you are planning to renovate an entire bathroom or are looking to update an existing tub or wet-area stall, having a Stall Wet-area or Stall Tub set up is the ideal service for a variety of reasons. No matter if your goal is to create a more secure bathing location, modernize the appearance of your bath or merely to offer yourself an elegant medical spa retreat within the privacy of your own home, you will be making a sound investment that will increase the resale worth of your house for sure.

    Some people put off renovating or remodeling their restrooms since they assume that their smaller sized, standard restroom leaves no room for improvement. This couldn't be even more far from the fact. Even if your bathroom's size is little, a professional can show you a variety of styles and alternatives, working within the limits of your present tub. This is called a bathtub to wet-area conversion and it can provide you the option of luxury, security and visual functions that you are looking for. In addition, you may be amazed, when you meet a professional, by the various renovating choices that you will have at your disposal, given the design of your bathroom

    When picking the type of wet-area they are looking for, some people have an interest in having practical features such as racks to save bath products, a seat so that legs can be shaved easily or handrails for included security. In addition, some people choose a hinged wet-area door while others have constantly chosen a sliding door entry. When your brand-new wet-area is installed, making a list of preferences in advance will ensure your full complete satisfaction.

    The options vary all the way from a simple Tub to Wet-area Conversion, Traditional Tub out Wet-area In featuring a gorgeous cultured marble wet-area surround or Custom Handicapped wet-area pans that supply wheelchair gain access to. Some individuals purchase these wet-areas in order to offer a luxurious escape from the tension of everyday life.

    There is no limitation to the type of day spa retreats you can create in your restroom. Some individuals like to produce a spacious steam room, others like numerous jets that can spray from all instructions. Others even have actually televisions installed, for a relaxing vacation while catching up on news, weather condition or their preferred programs.
    Whether you wish to have a wet-area with extra features for convenience, indulging or a mix of the 2, there are options offered to help you select a wet-area with your particular choices in mind.

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