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Shower Drain Kit
Shower Drain Kit

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    Looking for a shower drain kit for your restroom? With all the choices here you make sure to discover the one you need. For acrylic, fiberglass, and tile applications, the best drainage in the surface of your option can be discovered right here on Trugard

    Trugard wet-area drainage set simplifies it all. It includes a nonwoven fleece on both the top and the bottom of the incorporated bonding flange. The fleece is co-molded with the ABS drainage body to make sure the highest possible long-term bond.

    * One (1) PVC and One (1) ABS bushing
    * Rubber o-ring
    * Bonding flange
    * Construction cover

    Wet-area drainage set permits you to link the wet-area base barrier free shower kits into the existing tub waste.

    * Fits wet-area floor design 3060L/R
    * Fits wet-area floor model 360L/R
    * Enables connection to existing 1-1/2 in. tub waste
    * White color

    * Designed to make repair work in tight areas easier
    * Simple installation considerably reduces setup time
    * Easily makes up for variations in the wet-area base
    * 100% brass body for strength and toughness
    * Stainless steel bolts won't rust
    * Will fit 2" Cast iron, 40 ABS or PVC pipes
    * Includes brushed stainless-steel wet-area drainage cover
    * Created for replacement of wet-area drainages where the work area is limited by existing or developing structural elements pipeline
    * Distinct design integrates 4 zinc plated 'jack bolts' and a installing a shower in a kit pressure plate washer to develop the seal in between the wet-area pan and the drainage
    * Internal compression gasket fits over 2" Sch. 40 ABS and PVC, Galvanized, and No-hub cast iron DWV pipeline - produces a tight seal without the requirement for gluing or caulking the drainage to pipe connection
    * 4-1/4" outside measurements

    Remove weak areas near the drainage throughout your wet-area setup by including one of our drainage packages. These sets come with everything you'll require, consisting of a bonding flange and grate. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your task and we'll more than happy to help you make the best choice.

    With an integrated bonding flange that supplies a big contact area for a secure connection to the wet-proof membrane at the top of the assembly.
    * provided in three elegant styles: Floral, Curve, and Pure
    * Integrated sloped bonding flange available in ABS, PVC, or stainless-steel enables a safe, topical waterproofing connection
    * ABS and PVC flange have a 2" or 3" outlet
    * Stainless steel flange has a 2" or 3" no-hub outlet or a 2" threaded outlet
    * Drainage grate can be laterally gotten used to fit the design of the tile grid and leveled to the tiled surface
    * Accommodates wide variety of tile thicknesses: 1/4" (6mm) to 1-1/4" (32 mm).

    Our various options of wet-area drainage packages will provide you the all in one wet-area remodel service you are seeking. Our wet-area drainage packages come all set to set up out of package. The wet-area drainage sets will work for you if you are presently going through new advancement for your dream house or simply remodeling your wet-area, our wet-area drainage assembly packages will use the simplest solution, you and your professional will appreciate
    All of our wet-area drainage sets include:.
    1) Drainage Pipes Body-- ABS/PVC/Cast Iron.
    1) Stainless Steel Designer Drainage Decorative Wet-area Drainage.
    1) Stainless Steel Hair Catcher.

    Wet-area Drainage Strainer Set; Type Square; Strainer Size 4-1/4" Length x 4-1/4" Width; End Up Chrome Plated; Inclusions/Features Tile, 3-3/8" Round Grill, Grill Ring, Screw; Utilized On Product Tub and Wet-area Drainage; Packaging Type Carded; Product Packaging Amount 6 per Container.

    Wet-area drainages pipes are a highly practical component in any restroom, but the right styles can also add a trendy touch to the area. An excellent wet-area drainage kits for an outdoor shower also makes the bathroom simpler to keep and clean up. Each wet-area needs a specific kind of drainage, and Wayfair's collection of wet-area drainages pipes deals numerous pieces to fit any home as our wet-area drainages are readily available in a range of shapes and sizes. Premium products and beautiful surfaces boost these pieces, making them a fantastic addition to any bathroom.

    This Trugard wet-area drainage kit is designed to be installed on any wet-area receptor, not indicated for tile or marble installations. Can be set up on 2" metal or plastic pipeline.

    Components & Support.

    * Round, preforated strainer wet-area drainage.
    * For use with 2" metal or plastic pipe, consists of 2" plastic pipeline gasket/bushing.
    * For acrylic, fiberglass, Cast Iron or Vikrell wet-area receptors.
    * Product.
    * Strong brass building and construction.

    * 4" Square Drainage Grate.
    * PVC/ABS Drainage Connection.
    * Bushings Consisted of.
    Trugard Wet-area Drainage Set - Practical and User Friendly.
    The USG wet-area drainage set with chrome drainage grate is designed to fit in all wet-area. This drainage assembly accommodates a PVC or ABS drainage connection.
    This Trugard wet-area drainage package includes:.
    4" square chrome drainage grate (1 ).
    Grate tray riser (1 ).
    Grate puller (1 ).
    PVC and ABS drainage connection bushing (1 ).
    Horizontal change ring (1 ).
    Rubber O-ring (1 ).
    Bonding flange (1 ).
    Building covers for grate tray riser and bonding flange (2 ).
    * The Trugard wet-area drainage kit with chrome drainage grate helps you produce a tiled wet-area.
    * Accepts a PVC or ABS drainage connection.
    * Comes with 4" square drainage grate in chrome surface, grate tray riser and grate puller.
    * This set likewise includes a horizontal modification ring, rubber O-ring, drainage connection bushing, bonding flange and building and construction covers for the grate riser and stall shower kit flange.
    * The chrome surface makes the grate deterioration resistant.

    Characteristic & Advantages.
    * Single slope to drainage pipes enables the usage of larger tiles and greater style versatility.
    * Low profile and high capacity drainage make it perfect for barrier free applications.
    * Membrane securing mechanism ensures a watertight seal with the waterproofing membrane.
    * Waste pipe solvent welded into the drainage for a leak-proof connection.
    * Include seal for the most reliable waterproofing system readily available.
    * One-Piece PVC or ABS building and construction guarantees dependable performance with no made seams.
    * Contemporary styling with a choice of 7 drainage lengths and 4 brushed stainless-steel or tile top strainer designs.
    * Conserve time - simple and fast installation.
    * 7 lengths and 5 strainer designs offered.
    * Custom-made sizes offered for quantities of 50 or more.

    Trugard shower drain kitsView Our Shower Kits are geared up with our patented Multi-technology. This implies a terrific range of trap bodies that can be pivoted, shortened and are easy to clean. These wet-area drainages pipes been available in a wide variety of measurements and shapes and can be utilized in any kind of bathroom, whether it's brand-new building or remodelling.

    Trugard wet-area drainage kit is an exceptional, engineered system that is faster and simpler to install than standard mud bed wet-area building and construction.

    It uses a completely waterproofed, direct drainage wet-area system that's simpler and faster to install than conventional wet-area construction. Together, this incorporated wet-area system sets high efficiency parts with decorative linear drainages from Trugard wet-area drainage shower kits how to install set. This ingenious system provides designers, professionals and designers one complete waterproof wet-area setup facilitated.

    Completely bonded wet-free system for tiled wet-area , developed to control wetness separately of the tile covering, while creating a strong base for a lasting wet-area. And because it originates from a producer with a credibility for providing systems and products created to beat the competition, you can trust that it will deliver performance remarkable to other systems on the marketplace.

    When preparing a bathroom remodel, numerous choices need to be made. Between tile colors, tile sizes, cabinet finishings and countertop materials, what type of drainage you must utilize quickly is up to the bottom of the list.

    Direct shower drainages pipes need coordination between plumbings and tilers to guarantee the drainage system works appropriately.

    Trugard wet-area drain set for use with wet-area trays with a round trap outlet. Can be configured with either a vertical or horizontal drainage outlet.

    This Trugard wet-area drainage set is for usage with wet-area trays with a round trap outlet.
    It can be configured with either a vertical or horizontal drainage outlet, whichever best fits your application. The grate size is 140mm x 140mm.
    This set has a circulation rate of 35 litres per minute (LPM).
    This package includes a standard pressed stainless-steel grating, a grate height adjustment frame, and a solvent weld pipeline.
    Also readily available are optional gratings and an Inset Tile grating, which enables you to place a tile into the grating for a cleaner, more minimalist appearance. Please keep in mind that these might lower the flow rate of the trap a little.

    The straight shower drain set adds function and a distinctive seek to your wet-area stall or wet room flooring. Crafted of stainless steel, this linear wet-area drainage features a design of parallel and offset slots. A removable grate makes it easy to clean.

    * Material: Stainless Steel
    * Wet-area flooring drainage.
    * Fits 2" drainage opening.
    * 18" Measures: 18" L x 3-3/8" W.
    * 24" measures: 24" L x 3-3/8" W.
    * 28" steps: 28" L x 3-3/8" W.
    * 32" measures: 32" L x 3-3/8" W.
    * 36" steps: 36" L x 3-3/8" W.
    * 40" procedures: 40" L x 3-3/8" W.
    * 48" procedures: 48" L x 3-3/8" W.
    * 60" steps: 60" L x 3-3/8" W.
    * Tapered bottom outlet and detachable grate.
    * To utilize with rubber membrane, you need to utilize the PVC Drainage Flange Coupling.
    * Drainage hole procedures 2" size.
    * Product is made from 304 stainless-steel.

    In order to install a proper wet-area floor, the base of the wet-area needs to have a correct slope for drainage. With wet-area drainage set that creates a perfect wet-area floor-base slope to drainage pipes the water from the wet-area flooring.
    Wet-area drainage set can be utilized in Wet-area Stalls, Tile Tubs, Water fountains or any installation that a correct slope is needed (1/4" per foot).
    It will conserve you money and time hence removing expensive call backs due to improper slope to the drainage.
    It is made of the highest quality products offered that makes setup quick and Easy!
    Trugard wet-area set allows simple building of wet-area floors with the proper minimum water drainage slope of 1/4 12" run.
    With this time-saving system there is now no chance for an error in measurement, or the requirement for a level, to achieve a properly sloped wet-area floor.
    It uses a Center Ring and tapered Float Adheres to assure the appropriate drainage slope in standard or custom wet-area locations with walls as much as 6' in any direction from the flooring drainage.
    This shower flooring drainage set system does not include to the pan liner pre slope as the Center Ring sits on top of the drainage flange bolts. It is used for basic 36" x 36" wet-area areas with a focused drainage or customized wet-area areas where the drainage is within 36" of each wall. Included in each bundle is one each Center Ring and 6 each Standard Float Sticks 1" to 1-3/4" tape x 36" long) that attach in any of the 24 slots on the Center Ring.

    * PVC drainage body
    * Outlet connection 2" inside x 3" outside solvent weld
    * Throat assembly with hair strainer, tile-in-frame and mud guard
    * Reversible securing collar for added height modification
    * Weep holes to allow drain from pan liner
    * 5" 3142 Weave ornamental drainage cover
    * Accommodates 41.95 GPM flow rate
    * Includes strong brass ornamental cover with long lasting finish

    The aesthetic and practical properties of steel make the Liquid channel reputable and ingenious. Available in diameter 40 mm and with 3 various visual style options, Liquid channel offers a high performance non-woven sheet to apply around the boundary for safe and secure setup and to make sure successful waterproofing in every scenario. Liquid channel has 2 runners situated under the base, ensuring perfect linearity.

    Wet-area floor drainage package. Made of ABS. Generally used in wet-area applications and laundry spaces.

    All of the options provided by Trugard for wet-area drainage are characterised by an appealing design, easy cleansing and hydraulically optimised outlet innovation. Wet-areas drainages are all the rage, since they are discreet and make it possible for a comprehensive structuring of the room along with entry into the wet-area area without a threshold.
    Despite which solution you ultimately pick, Trugard provides you with a classic aesthetic that works.

    The wet-area drainage may seem like an extremely small cog in an extremely big maker but it is a cog however and it deserves our attention, specifically when we want a style to be ideal from every point of view. We looked at some direct wet-area drainage develops as well as a couple of other types and this is what stood out.

    Item Characteristic & Benefits
    * Non-woven fleece on the top and bottom of the bonding flange
    * Accommodates 2 in. or 3 in. ABS or PVC waste lines, permitting for no-hub and solvent-weld connections
    * Accepts both 4 in. and 5 in. Sets and Pro Series Grates

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