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1. Pre-fit the shower tray by measuring then cutting by equal amounts on all four sides to ensure a consistent height of the first course of wall tile. Now place the tray into the shower area to confirm an accurate fit.

2. Mark and cut the drain hole for the shower floor drain using TruSlope tray as a template, while the tray is still in the shower area for pre-fit.

3. 3a. Apply modified or unmodified thin-set mortar to the substrate using a ¼ “ by ⅜ “ square or U-notched trowel. 3b. Place the TruSlope shower tray onto the thinset mortar. 3c. Solidly embed the tray into the mortar by walking firmly on the TruSlope tray. 3d. Lift and check the underside of the tray to ensure complete complete coverage is achieved, then repeat step 3c.
Note: The floor must be level. Leveling must be done prior to placing the tray.

4. Install the Trugard Drain by generously applying modified or unmodified thinset mortar in and around Trugard drain flange recessed area of the tray. Now align and press the drain downward to connect the waste line with pipe cement glue, and simultaneously embed the drain body down into the thin-set mortar to a height lower than the plane of the tray slope.

5. Pre-fit the TruCurb by measuring and cutting the curb to length using a standard handsaw.

6.Apply modified or unmodified thin-set mortar to: 1. The floor wall ends, 2. The edge of the shower tray using a ¼ “ x ⅜ “ square or U-notched trowel. 3. Back butter the curb bottom and ends and then pressing the curb firmly into.

7.Pre-cut at least the floor piece of the Trugard Vapor-shield allowing for the membrane to go up the wall at least three (3) inches by cutting the membrane six (6) inches longer than the floor width. Use a non-sharp pencil to mark the wall to floor intersections and corners. Cut the full corner (3” x 3”) square out of the membrane.

8. Apply Trugard Vapor-shield or Steam-shield with quality modified or premium unmodified thin-set mortar to the TruSlope tray substrate using a ¼ “ x 3/16 “ V-notched or ⅛ “ x ⅛ “ square-notched trowel as described in the Trugard Vapor-shield instruction handbook.

Note: Modified Rapidset or Speedset thin-set mortaris recommended for the setting of the TruSlope tray and TruCurb system when possible for a quicker cure time. (Not required)Modified thin-set mortaris recommended for use over gypsum board and cement backerboard substrates. Also Modified thin-set mortar is recommended over the Vapor-shield membrane for tile installation. (One popular brand we recommend is VersaBond from Home Depot.) Premium quality unmodified thin-set mortar is also approved and may be used if desired.

Congratulations! Your TruSlope Tray and TruCurb shower dam are successfully installed!

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