Installing the Shower Drain

The shower drain installation is the most important step when working on any design. Getting this right will determine if you have leaks in a few years or not. Kind of a big deal isn't it? In this article, we have provided step by step instructions on how to properly install this type of equipment. There are different types, styles, and designs that are available with included instructions. Please look through this guide for anything related to your install. If you have further questions or need help understanding the process please contact us as we would be happy to help. 

This system is not like most. This particular guide is for waterproofing systems. Since this part of the install is one of the most important, we have specifically designed this system to work with waterproofing membranes. There is a whole section to talk about waterproofing, however, that is in another guide that you can look at after this one. You need a wide flange for the membrane to attach to which also means that this needs to be installed first. So this system will not work with an old rubber lining system. If you need more info on waterproofing and direct help with your specific area, please give us a call, we have an awesome support team that would be able to take care of anything you might need.

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