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Shower Mixing Valve

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Shower Mixing Valve
Shower Mixing Valve

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    Shower mixer valve are the best-suited service for upgrading your restroom more simply and quickly. These wet-area mixer taps can enhance the total design of your restroom, and people like these in their cooking areas and restrooms. When it comes to stylish bathroom wet-area mixers, offers you some of the most fantastic techniques. We at Bathselect provides a vast array of wet-area mixer items like wet-area mixer valve, thermostatic shower mixer valve, thermo bath wet-area mixer, bathroom wet-area mixer, 4 hole bath shower mixer, dripping wet-area mixer to look your restroom unique.

    Do not pipeline off the ring primary.

    An independent supply of water for both cold and hot is required.

    Large runs of pipework will cause frictional loss of pressure.







    LEVER HANDLE PRESSURE BALANCE WET-AREA HANDLE different types of shower valves

    Wet-areas are created to make a declaration, and wet-area handles are crucial to the appearance. With a large range of quality thermostatic wet-area handles-- we have combined, handbook, concealed and exposed options-- you'll be soaking it up in design for years to come. These contemporary and traditional wet-area handle styles likewise match our wet-area fittings, so it's simple to develop your perfect bathing partnership.

    Handles allow you to manage the circulation or halt and temperature of your wet-area, making them much more practical, and it's those little details that make all the difference. Increase your wet-area experience and browse the choices listed below.

    The blending handle of a wet-area is set up in order to mix cold water with warm water from the water heating system installed in your house before sending the water through your pipelines to your wet-area. When using the wet-area, installing a combined handle is done mostly to prevent scalding mishaps from taking place. The combined handle is placed right in the wet-area where it keeps an eye on the temperature of the hot water and blends in cold water to attain a target temperature.

    Adjust the temperature of the wet-area by turning the flow tap on fully. The flow tap will only give warm water. Wait one to two minutes for the water to reach maximum temperature level. temp controled shower valve

    Turn on the temperature level tap to include cold water to the hot water from the circulation tap. Press down on the tap knob, depressing it into the combined housing from its resting position to change the temperature level of the water.

    Change the circulation of the cold water till a wanted temperature level is reached. A lot of combined handles feature an optimum pre-programmed temperature for security reasons. This optimum temperature level will limit the circulation of hot water through the handle. To increase this maximum temperature, unlock the handle by pushing the handle security button on the end of the handle knob and increasing the flow of the warm water through the combined.

    Lock the combined handle into place. To lock most handles, launch the handle so that it rises back into resting position. Turning on the wet-area will now utilize the newly mixed temperature.

    A built-in wet-area handle has all the mechanism and pipework concealed within the wall, with only the controls themselves exposed. With this wet-area handle type, you can have versatility in where you install it - for example, mounting it away from where the water falls implies you can turn on the water to warm up, without getting wet.

    wet-area combined is a thermostatic tap with dual controls, allowing users to manage temperature and water circulation individually. Our wet-area combined handles work on a two cartridge principle with all the thermostatic parts consisted of in a simple to change one-piece cartridge and the circulation control within another cartridge.

    The bath wet-area combined thermostat is set to the desired temperature and the thermostatic control within the tap maintains the temperature level of the water circulation. These wet-area combined handles are likewise readily available as a deck mounted thermostatic bath wet-area combined which means it can be fitted directly into the edge of the bath.

    - Fast fail safe on both cold and hot supply failure

    - Offers steady mixed water temperature level

    The product minimizes upkeep requirements, as it prevents infiltrations and other disagreeable surprises. That, it is possible to use all types of piping after fastening the hydraulic parts to the structures, hence by setting up any Escutcheon; this enables differing the structures.

    how to replace a valve in the shower This even reduces costs and scheduled conclusions, as the idea of premade products makes the installation procedure much faster and easier; besides the avoidance of snipping, wastes, and removing the issue of concealed or protruding bases. These elements are assembled, welded, and pre-tested in the factory carried out by screening gadgets, in order to ensure appropriate geometry and defense versus leak.

    Thermostatic Bar Mixer Wet-area Handle. Set the temperature level as soon as and be safe in the understanding that kids or the senior will be safeguarded from being scalded.

    Remains continuous at the temperature level you have actually set

    Thermostatic Bath Wet-area Mixer. Thermostatic bath filler & wet-area combined tap.

    Replacing a wet-area combined handle isn't really as easy as changing a faucet on your restroom or cooking area sink. The parts of the wet-area faucet you can see are just trim; the real handle lags the wall, permanently linked to the pipes and strongly attached to the framing. To replace it, you need an access panel through the wet-area wall, and if such a panel hasn't been designed into your restroom, you'll need to cut one. In some restrooms, this could indicate breaking through a tile wall.

    1 outlet

    security lock at 38 ° C.

    temperature limitation adjustable.

    non-return handle.

    with silencer.

    The quality, technology, style and sustainability that show dedication to developing exceptional experiences. The greatest requirements are set to ensure that every time you turn on a faucet or enter a Grohe wet-area you can feel the difference.

    Self closing wet-area combined 1/2".

    With mix.

    Chrome surface.

    innovation for less water and best circulation.

    Economy stop function.

    Temperature limiter.

    Circulation time adjustable 5 - 40 sec.

    Escutcheon, chrome plated plastic.

    Escutcheon and shaft sealing.

    Non-return handle.

    Dirt strainers.

    Set for last setup for 36 122.

    Without hidden body.

    Minutes recommended pressure 1.5 bar.

    Trugard Direct l is the very best with additional regular features and materials. This item will permit you to enhance the style of a wet-area without moving the pipes behind the wall.

    The efficiency of the item is fairly well, and it can be used with different adopters/cartridges to provide three or 6 different mixes about how the ports are offered water.

    It is really easy to install. Running too is easy. You don't have to offer effort while changing the temperature.


    Easy fixture changes without behind-the-wall plumbing changes.

    Accepts single, dual, or dual thermostatic cartridge.

    Back-to-back ability.

    Wet-area combined Handle is another wonderful item with no doubt. The quality of this Wet-area combined handle is way remarkable, and the item is so satisfying.

    Wet-area handle is made with solid brass Handle, and the style is elegant and great. This durable item will last for a number of years easily.With the threaded end, this handle is simple to run and set up. No doubt, it deserves the loan.


    Excellent building and construction.

    Exceptional ending up.

    TheTemp Pressure Balancing Handle is another most fantastic wet-area handle readily available in the market now. It consists of a high-temperature limit stop and an optimum comfort zone so you can quickly set the optimum temperature level.

    The style of this wet-area handle is pretty decent, and the finish is awesome. For setup, you don't have to take any extra parts. With a best size screwdriver, you can rapidly install it.

    This item is quite resilient, and the quality is high enough.


    High-temperature limitation stop.

    Classy style & finish.

    Maintains water temperature level with +/ -3 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Temperature pressure-balancing combined handle avoids scalding & freezing.

    Outstanding ending up.

    known for their devotion to gorgeous and well designed items which normally last so long. Without any confusion, their Pressure Balance Handle is well developed and pretty elegant.

    The controlling process of this wet-area handle is easy with the single control, and yet the product has adjustable anti-scald so you can set it and forget.

    The wet-area handle fits perfectly, and it can deal with any embellishing style.


    Lever deal with.

    Easy to adjust water circulation or temperature.

    Chrome surface.

    Significantly reflective for a mirror.

    Functions with any decorating design.

    Built on the M-PACT typical handle system.

    Equipped with the PosiTemp pressure-balancing control handle.

    Manual Restroom Wet-area Handle is well developed and excellent for its wonderful style. The color of the wet-area handle is silver.

    People who already use this item are impressed with the weight and quality of this one. The setup procedure is a bit tricky however if you check out the instruction handbook completely then, it's not a huge offer.

    Wet-area Handle is the very best for the cost.


    Imported high quality Ceramic handle.

    Handle Type: Concealed Wet-area Handle, consist of NPT Thread Adapters;.

    Materials hot & cold water.

    Repaired wet-area head, and managed wet-area head combination.

    Wall mounted propose for contemporary restroom.

    Pressure Balance Handle Cut is another best wet-area handle readily available in the market with a fantastic finish, remarkable style, and perfect product. This wet-area handle has no exception for its simpleness and excellent quality.The setup process is likewise really simple. It has actually got solid brass created body, classically styled handle for easy usage and included multi-choice universal rough handle body.

    Pressure Balance Handle Trim looks fantastic and it is long lasting. You can get it with no doubt.


    Consists Of Lever Handel.

    Classically styled accessories & faucets.

    Handel the hardest of jobs with ease.

    Solid brass created body.

    Classically styled handle.

    Wet-area Handle Trim will supply you smooth control with its simple single handle. designed wet-area handle to impress the consumer with great material and well surface.

    The setup process of this wet-area handle isn't a hard task to do likewise it looks good and decent. The manage of this wet-area handle is tough and much better according to so many customers who currently tried this one and in fact, it is.

    It fits perfectly as well as includes cartridge too. In this price range, this product is much better than you picture.


    Display Scald-Guard handle keeps water temperature level within +/ -3- DegreeF.

    Strong brass construction guarantees quality & dependability.

    Sensible styling that complements any house.

    For utilize with MultiChoice Universal rough handle body.

    Easy installation.

    It comes with a timeless design and latest technology for hassle complimentary use.Therefore, it is easy to utilize and set up with strong leaver handle. You will likewise find screen scald guard handle to keep the temperature on a best location.

    The rate of this product is rather appropriate for such remarkable quality.


    Easy to install.

    Easy to manage with lever handle.

    Comes with most current innovation.

    Looks excellent with timeless style.

    Ideal with any enhance standard design.

    Has Scald-Guard Handle included.

    This wet-area handle works to avoid scalding and freezing for a safe and protected water system. The handle consists of a high- temperature limit stop and an optimum convenience zone so you can easily keep the water temperate level. alternative kohler valves

    Temp Pressure Balancing Handle is very resilient and well constructed, the surface is amazing and style is reasonable enough.If you follow the user's manual thoroughly than you alone can install it with no plumbing's assistance.


    Proven diaphragm design virtually gets rid of freeze-ups from contamination & water debris.

    Rite-Temp pressure-balancing handle.

    Prevents scalding & freezing.

    Easy to discover & maintain the right temperature level.

    Back-to-back installation is ideal for high-volume or unique jobs.

    wet-area vales are developed with anti-scald protection. Single Control Pressure Balance Blending Handle guarantees that the water will stay thermostatic and the temperature level range will be protected and safe. This wet-area handle provides a high circulation rate that makes it various from other wet-area handles. It supplies terrific performance even in the low water pressure. Single Control Pressure Balance Blending Handle has the mounting bracket and plaster guard. This wet-area handle is relatively well constructed and durable and the style is not bad at all.It provides a good temperature balancing system. , if you are not a fan of Danze than after usage this wet-area handle you will be that I can guarantee you.


    Ceramic disc handle offers smooth turning action & prevents drips.

    With temperature limit modification.

    Back-to-back setup attribute.

    Pressure Balance Rough Handle is another reliable wet-area handle that has the capability to make you happy. This one is well constructed and it can change temperature level rather wisely. It is an outstanding handle that provides control over the volumes of water that streams.

    The manage of this wet-area handle is fair enough which uses life time smoothness. It is simple to control and preserve likewise it last for so long. You can purchase this item for better and clean efficiency with no confusion.


    Bath/ wet-area accessory.

    Brass pressure balance handle body.

    Lifetime of smooth manage operation.

    Drip-free performance.

    Turns water on & off & changes temperature level.

    Offers added benefit of adjusting circulation of water from a drip to complete force.

    2- or 3-way Transfer Handle. This one is another most appealing and well built wet-area handle that can quickly blow your mind with its flexibility. This handle is delivered as a three-way transfer handle, to permit control of three different parts to 6 different output choices.

    The handle can likewise simply be configured onsite to be used as a two-way transfer handle, for manage of 2 element wet-area applications. One handle is providing options for a variety of individualized wet-areaing experiences. This wet-area handle is well developed and resilient enough. T.


    Constant trim look.

    Handles all functions from a single handle.

    Needed transfer handle trim operate in both 2- & three-way applications.

    Single Lever Wet-area Mixer Handle offers you a drip-free faucet. It features a premium building and construction of chrome-plated and ceramic brass. It has a 1/2" NPT female straight input and output water connection and a 1-3/4" mounting hole together with three 1/2" hose pipe barb fittings. If you are using a wet-area rail, a chrome or brass bulkhead elbow might be needed to path the plumbing behind the bulkhead for a clean installation. This bathroom wet-area handle with a compact trim ring is ideal for boat and Recreational Vehicle owners.

    provides a distinct architectural feel, with a strong body and smooth, fragile yet practical deal with. All combineds include ceramic disc innovation, which offers trustworthy long life, smooth ease of operation and accurate water flow control.

    Thermostatic Wet-areas provide the current in wet-areaing development. These designs offer reassuring wet-areas with a high level of security.

    They enable you to personalize your wet-areaing experience by pre-setting the water temperature level, with optimum circulation speed, and other functions. Besides effectiveness, these are economically priced, and saves water and energy expenses over a duration of use.

    Thermostatic or Manual.

    Wet-area handles can be either thermostatic or manual. The difference in between thermostatic wet-area handles and manual gadgets is reasonably simple. If it goes above a specific temperature, thermostatic wet-area handles consist of a device that turns off the circulation of water. The advantages of having a thermostatic wet-area handle are quite substantial. With a properly set up thermostatic wet-area handle, it is impossible to be mistakenly scalded by your wet-area. Thermostatic wet-area handles solve the old problem of a wet-area losing access to cold water due to the fact that it is being used elsewhere, such as a flushed toilet, triggering the temperature level to all of a sudden rise.

    Not all homes are susceptible to this problem. More modern plumbing will lower the possibilities of this occurring, or remove them entirely. A thermostatic wet-area handle may not really deserve looking for unless your home is vulnerable to this issue. In these cases, a manual wet-area handle is fine.


    Wet-area handles are categorized by the variety of controls that they have, anywhere from 1 to 3. Overall, bigger numbers of controls imply a greater degree of fine control over pressure and temperature level.

    A wet-area handle with 1 control utilizes it to regulate the amount of cold water, the amount of warm water, and the pressure. As the single control is shown up, the water pressure of pure cold water goes up. As the control is turned up further, a higher quantity of warm water is included to the circulation. In contrast, a wet-area handle with 2 controls will use 1 to manage temperature and another to control pressure. Wet-area handles with 3 controls will only be utilized on wet-areas with numerous outlets, with 1 control for temperature, 1 for pressure, and 1 to change which outlet is being used.

    The variety of controls a wet-area handle as is not a benefit or downside, however instead it is a matter of individual choice.


    Wet-area handles can likewise have in between 1 and 3 outlets. Wet-area handles with 1 outlet include precisely the minimum you anticipate from a wet-area, which is a wet-areahead; nevertheless, more outlets include more options. A second outlet might link to a hand held wet-area head, or it might be linked to body jets.

    The variety of outlets a wet-area handle has refers individual preference. Numerous outlets do enable an increased variety of options.

    Thermostatic or Handbook

    Wet-area handles can be either manual or thermostatic. The distinction in between thermostatic wet-area handles and manual gadgets is fairly simple. Thermostatic wet-area handles contain a gadget that turns off the circulation of water if it exceeds a particular temperature level. The advantages of having a thermostatic wet-area handle are rather substantial. With a correctly set up thermostatic wet-area handle, it is difficult to be inadvertently heated by your wet-area. Thermostatic wet-area handles resolve the old issue of a wet-area losing access to cold water due to the fact that it is being utilized elsewhere, such as a flushed toilet, causing the temperature level to suddenly rise.Not all homes are vulnerable to this problem. More modern pipes will decrease the chances of this happening, or remove them entirely. A thermostatic wet-area handle may not in fact be worth looking for unless your home is susceptible to this problem. In these cases, a manual wet-area handle is great.


    Wet-area handles are classified by the variety of controls that they have, anywhere from 1 to 3. Overall, bigger numbers of controls indicate a greater degree of great control over pressure and temperature level.

    A wet-area handle with 1 control utilizes it to control the amount of cold water, the quantity of warm water, and the pressure. As the single control is turned up, the water pressure of pure cold water goes up. As the control is turned up further, a greater quantity of hot water is added to the flow. In contrast, a wet-area handle with 2 controls will utilize 1 to control temperature level and another to control pressure. Wet-area handles with 3 controls will only be utilized on wet-areas with several outlets, with 1 control for temperature level, 1 for pressure, and 1 to change which outlet is being used.The number of controls a wet-area handle as is not an advantage or disadvantage, however rather it refers personal preference.


    Wet-area handles can also have in between 1 and 3 outlets. Wet-area handles with 1 outlet involve exactly the minimum you get out of a wet-area, which is a wet-areahead; nevertheless, more outlets include more options. A 2nd outlet might connect to a hand held wet-area head, or it might be linked to body jets.

    The number of outlets a wet-area handle has is a matter of individual preference. Numerous outlets do enable an increased number of choices.

    single wet-area faucet switch combined handle faucet and taps all copper wet-area with handle replacing faucet for wet-area combined

    Wet-area handles are an essential element in ensuring a wet-area stays what it needs to be-- a fantastic experience. Whether you want replacing an old handle or you just wish to trade up for an enhanced handle there's one here to fit all types of wet-areas. There's also a variety of looks too; from streamlined and elegant modern contemporary to a more traditional design. Whatever you choose you can be sure it will help deliver a remarkable experience.

    Exposed Handles

    Concealed Handles

    Dealing with a "picky" wet-area faucet is a bad method to begin your day.

    One touch to the right and you're blasted with cold water. One tap to the left and scalding hot water has you hugging the wet-area wall.The issue could simply be an old, defective wet-area lever, in which case you need to attempt replacing it.

    If you have a relatively brand-new faucet, take a quick appearance at your wet-area set up. Exists a single-control lever?

    If so, it more than likely uses a pressure-balancing combined handle, which might be the culprit.

    The service? Change to a thermostatic blending handle

    If your wet-area has a single-control lever, you most likely have a pressure-balancing combined handle.So exactly what is a blending handle?A combined handle is installed into your wet-area faucet and mixes cold and hot water together to deliver comfy wet-areaing temperatures.But when it pertains to a pressure-balancing blending handle, there is a major setback in the way it adjusts your water temperature.

    Pressure-balancing handles do not straight control the temperature level of your wet-area water. There is no measurement of temperature, just a mechanical balancing act of hot water mixed with cold water.Basically, the hot water coming out of your wet-areahead has the possible to get as hot as the water kept in your water heating system if the lever is pushed as far left as possible.

    And that produces harmful scalding temperature levels. However it also creates a huge temperature level variety for you to navigate and makes it hard to discover the "ideal" wet-area temperature.

    While pressure-balancing handles can set a maximum temperature level limit, this is basically simply a mechanical "stopper" that stops your lever from rotating at a particular point.

    If you have a single-control lever, your morning wet-area routine most likely starts with a time-consuming, lever-fidgeting thinking video game to find a comfortable ratio of cold to hot water.

    Thermostatic combined handles normally provide 2 handles: one to manage the water circulation (pressure) of water and one to manage the water temperature level. This handle works similarly to a pressure-balancing handle in that it mixes cold and hot water however it really senses the temperature level of the water and manages it straight for more precise wet-area temperature levels.

    Thermostatic combined handles can be pre-set internally to your desired maximum temperature. If your water heating system produces water that is 140 degrees F, you can set your wet-area temperature to never strike above 105 degrees F.

    Total control over water circulation. With a control dedicated to water flow, you can increase or decrease the flow of water quickly. Want to conserve water while you soap up? When you're ready to rinse off, just turn the lever to reduce the volume of water in your wet-area and turn it back up.

    No drop in water pressure. Unlike a pressure-balancing handle, thermostatic combined handles prevent drops in water pressure when other water-using devices remain in use.

    Mounted within a wall, resulting in hidden installation

    Easy to utilize different flow and temperature control

    Automatic closed down if cold water pressure ought to all of a sudden fail

    Exact thermostatic control

    Resistance to limescale build up

    concealed in line 2 function wet-area handle produce a stunningly modern-day wet-area room. This handle is mounted within a wall for hidden setup and includes 2 independent flow controls which can be used individually or at the same time. E.g. managing a fixed wet-area head and wet-area handset at the very same time. The handle allows you to control the temperature and circulation of your water separately and features exact thermostatic control, keeping chosen temperature levels within +/- 1.5 ° C and an automatic closed down if the pressure needs to unexpectedly stop working, making sure total security when wet-areaing.

    Exposed bath-wet-area combined with diverter, aerator, handwet-area

    Valuable materials and sinuous types a stylish style that expresses the rigor and charm of standard bathroom taps. An action back in history without quiting the advanced innovation these days.

    Cool Touch Thermostatic Bar Mixer Wet-area & Adjustable Riser Set - Chrome

    Handbook Mixer Wet-area Package - Chrome

    Classic Manual Mixer Wet-area & Adjustable Riser Set - Chrome/White

    Thermostatic combined for concealed installation with shut-off/ diverter handle

    Built In Thermostatic Wet-area Mixer With 3 Stop Handles

    Engineered for an exceptional wet-area experience, our wet-area handles and trims are developed to provide exact water temperature level the moment the dial is turned.

    As the seasons modification, it becomes essential to make adjustments to the water temperature.

    The temperature is controlled with a limitation stop that prevents full opening of warm water. This stop is what you change to change the water temperature.

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    Mixer wet-areas take water from your hot and cold materials, integrating them to produce the perfect temperature.delivers up to 3x more water flow even at low pressure, making our combined wet-areas the most powerful.We think in no-compromise efficiency for mind-blowing experience. We do not opt for less, so why should you?

    The blended water temperature can be adjusted

    from cold through to a top limitation which should

    be predetermined during installation with complete anti-scald

    security throughout the range (35 ° C to

    40 ° C). supplying the warm water temperature at the inlet.

    stays 10 ° C above the outlet temperature.

    Must there be a loss of flow to either incoming.

    supply then- water from the wet-area will stop or.

    be decreased till both products are brought back.

    Double control wet-area combined 1/2 inch.

    chrome surface.

    Thermostatic concealed wet-area combined handle.

    Hidden brass body and trim set.

    circulation and temperature level control deals with.

    Handle with Wax thermoelement.

    Installation bracket.

    Built-in non return handles.

    dirt strainers.

    Wet-area outlet 1/2 inch top or bottom.

    Circulation limiters for high (> 1.0 bar) or unequal pressures.

    Appropriate for low and high pressure.

    Minimum pressure needed is 0.1 bar and maximum 5.0 bar.

    Maximum pressure differential 5:1.

    innovation to keep the item as a brand new for several years.

    Recessed thermostatic electronic wet-area combined:.

    Waterproof recessed housing.

    Tamperproof refined satin stainless steel plate.

    16 to 30mm allowance for various wall surfaces.

    thermostatic combined.

    Automatic anti-scalding security: immediate shut-off if cold water supply stops working.

    Adjustable temperature level from 32 ° to 40 ° C,

    pre-set at 38 ° C. Battery-operated.

    Infrared presence detection.

    Shut down on need or immediately.

    Task flush.

    Flow rate set.

    Hidden dealings with,.

    Integrated filters and non-return handles.

    Finest wet-area handle is a vital part of the bathing system. It can make or break your excellent wet-areaing experience. The wet-area handle is used for controlling the circulation of water stream coming out through the wet-area head. Your wet-areaing experience depends greatly on the wet-area handle used in the wet-area system. For that reason, we can deduce that a wet-area handle has a direct effect on the performance provided by a wet-area system.

    Capable of accepting single, double or double thermostatic cartridge.

    The wet-area combined handle offers back-to-back ability.

    A mounting bracket comes with the wet-area handle for assisting in a sturdy setup and avoids rocking of the handle.

    Attractive completing.

    Easy setup.

    Do not need alteration of pipes behind the wall.

    Efficient in dealing with single, double and dual thermostatic cartridge.

    3-handle tub and wet-area handle with premium metal building for life long operation.

    The light-weight wet-area combined handle.

    There are three different deals with readily available with the wet-area blending handle, and it is a qualified frustration-free item.

    Building and construction supplies sturdiness and long life to the wet-area rough-in handle.

    Easy setup.

    Features union nuts.


    Inlets and outlets.

    Easy-to-operate with offered 3 handles.

    Certified frustration-free.

    functioning and finish of the handle.

    wet-area handle is an average wet-area handle relating to both efficiency and looks. The product is ideal for those looking to invest in a wet-area combined handle with well balanced appearances and performance with a warranted price-tag.

    extremely practical wet-area handle, created particularly to provide high performance.

    The wet-area handle provides back-to-back installation, which appropriates for high-volume jobs.

    The flow rate and water usage of this pressure balancing handle are limited to set GPM (Gallons per Minute), which is an ideal circulation rate.

    This wet-area combined handle is ideal for households with children, capable of offering anti-scald defense and temperature policy.

    Elegant and trendy design.

    Capable of stabilizing the pressure of water.

    Safe and secure setup with integrated mounting tabs.

    Protection from scald burns and thermal shocks.

    Back-to-back setup.

    wet-area handle offers convenient features at a budget-friendly price, which makes it a worth purchasing item.

    The wet-area handle utilizes common handle system, which permits simple installation and eliminates the requirement of changing plumbing for future style updates.

    The cartridge permits back-to-back setup.

    Connection type offered by wet-area handle is 1/2 inch IPS connection.

    To avoid users from getting thermal shocks during wet-area, the wet-area blending handle has been equipped with technology, which helps in preserving a continuous temperature level of water.

    Additionally, wet-area combined handle uses appropriate water circulation for making wet-area enjoyable.

    Building and construction makes the wet-area handle resistant to heat and adds resilience.

    Wet-area handle is backed by a limited lifetime warranty covering leakages, leaks and finish defects.

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