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Trugard Shower Pan
Trugard Shower Pan

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    TRUGARD SHOWER PAN is a prefabricated sloped wet-area tray that eliminates the requirement for a mortar bed.
    * Specifically designed to integrate
    * Gets rid of the requirement for a mortar bed
    * Reduces weight and setup time
    * Creates a bondable surface for using the Trugard waterproofing membrane
    * Can easily be cut to size with an energy knife or extended utilizing dry-pack mortar
    * Made of light-weight polystyrene foam which provides a thermal break from the substrate
    * Six sizes available, consisting of an option with an off-center drain which is ideal for tub replacements
    * Available with pre-cut piece of Trugard for waterproofing

    Trugard prefabricated wet-area pan
    * Lightweight, easy to set up
    * Lowers installation time
    * Available in a range of formats, including trays designed for both point and linear drains
    * Can be cut to size or extended using dry pack mortar

    Prefabricated shower trays seamlessly with Trugard wet-area assemblies, and are perfect options for including mortar-free wet-area parts in any tiled wet-area. Quick and easy to set up, Trugard prefabricated substrates combine convenience, convenience, and design and are offered in several sizes and shapes to fit any design.

    The Trugard-Wet-area Tray is a strong, sloped, light-weight premade substrate developed
    for usage in conjunction with Trugard waterproofing membrane.
    It's made from extrayded polystyrene foam and is particularly developed to incorporate with the rest of the Trugard-Wet-area
    household of products by Trugard consisting of drains pipes, curbs, benches, and other parts.

    The Trugard shower pan is dependable and dramatically lowers setup time, making wet-area setup easier than ever. Someone can get a wet-area prepared for tile in a portion of the time it takes with traditional installation methods.

    Increase your productivity and use a that is not just fast and basic to set up, however one that is reliable and makes sure a water resistant and vapor-tight wet-area assembly.

    With the Trugard waterproofing membrane set up, next is the Trugard-Wet-area-ST two-piece wet-area tray. Installing the Wet-area-ST actually couldn't be simpler. The 2 pieces of the Wet-area-ST are developed to dovetail completely into one another. Not just does this make setup a literal breeze, however, once again, the devoted machining helps to ensure water remain in the drain where it belongs.
    Understanding well that range is the spice of life, Trugard makes a wide range of Wet-area-ST trays to permit variations in water drain. A popular choice is the center drain, where the 2 halves of the Wet-area-ST come together with a drain hole in the. Trugard likewise provides Wet-area-ST modular wet-area trays with varying drainage alternatives.

    The Wet-area curb sets up at the external limit of the wet-area pan, keeping any water inside the wet-area and avoiding spillage. The curb likewise adds visual appeal, including a great finishing touch to your ideal wet-area.

    Got a little bit of space that you wish to develop into a shower stall, but can't find an industrial wet-area stall that will fit? This problem is a lot more typical than you might believe. Every day I hear things like, I have this area 37" x 31" or I have a 43" x 39" area and I want to get a wet-area stall to fit it. Up up until recently this was all however impossible. A lot of individuals would have to reconfigure their space and develop new walls to accommodate whatever was commercially offered. It's been around for more than 10 years, the Trugard Wet-area, are still not well understand in North America, at least, not up until now anyway.

    With this advanced brand-new wet-area you can transform practically any size area in the wet-area of your dreams. The wet-area base come in a variety of sizes from 32" by 60" (81 cm x 152 cm) to 72" x 72" (183 cm x 183 cm).
    Why You Ought To Select The Trugard Wet-area
    The Trugard shower is an engineered that unites a number of Trugard products to form a totally water tight wet-area enclosure which gets rid of the capacity for leakage. Unlike other kinds of wet-area membranes the Trugard-Trugard water resistant membrane bonds straight to the mortar bed and secure it from mold development or from becoming saturated through routine use. In addition the Trugard-Trugard membrane safeguard the wet-area wall cavities from becoming vapor logged.

    There is no need to use a mortar base when you use the Trugard prefabricated sloped wet-area base (tray) which is made of extrayded polystyrene foam. By utilizing this you can decrease both the installation time as well as the weight of the wet-area unit itself, which is excellent if your wet-area is on a wood floor.

    The Trugard Shower Pan, alternative kit for shower has actually definitely changed the way that wet-areas are now built and water-proofed. Trugard Trugard Wet-area provides a wide variety of totally integrated components for developing a top quality wet-area that integrates exceptional waterproofing innovation with point drain, which is not just simple to set up but also use a numerous style choices with restroom comfort.
    Westside Tile and Stone Inc. is the Largest L.A. Trugard Supplier. Construct your dream wet-area with the assistance of a Trugard Wet-area that makes simple to construct a waterproof surface for your wet-area and tile.

    The Trugard-Wet-area-Kit is an all-inclusive plan that consists of all of the elements for a maintenance-free and water-tight assembly without a mortar bed. The Trugard-Wet-area-ST/- SC are pre-fabricated substrates that are made from broadened polystyrene foam that is suggested to be utilized in conjunction with the Trugard waterproofing membrane in addition to the Trugard-Drain. The Trugard-Wet-area-ST is a pre-fabricated wet-area tray that is especially fit and created to be used with the Trugard-Trugard-Drain. The Trugard Wet-area Tray is readily available in 48" x48", 32" x60", and 72" x72" sizes. The Trugard-Wet-area-SC is a pre-fabricated curb that can be utilized with the Trugard-Trugard-Wet-area-ST and its measurements are 48" x6" x4 1/2" The Trugard Wet-area Kit gets rid of the capacity for efflorescence, leakage and even mold growth in its simple to set up. The wet-area tray and curb are especially useful in a massive, repeated job such as a home complex, condominium complex or even a hotel. The simple to install reduces overall installation time to guarantee success and make each wet-area installation much easier than in the past.

    The Trugard Wet-area is suggested to be utilized in combination . The Trugard is a bonded water-proof membrane that is made from soft polyethylene which is covered on both sides with a special fleece that is indicated to anchor in the membrane into the thin-set mortar. The Trugard was established as a waterproofing membrane to be used in combination with ceramic and stone tile setups. Among the advantages of the Trugard is that it is perfectly suitable with the Trugard Wet-area. Depending upon the substrate that is being utilized for a specific wet-area, the Trugard membrane is an ideal water-proofing membrane that can be used using a trowel. The Trugard is likewise available with outside and inside corners which are perfect to be utilized in combination with the Trugard Wet-area Trays and the Trugard Wet-area Kit. The Trugard Set comes with 4 inside and 2 outdoors corners, depending upon the size of the wet-area; additional corners can be bought in our Beverly Hills Tile Shop or our Canoga Park Tile Store. The advantage of Trugard and their catalog of Trugard products is that they are also offered in Trugard-Band form, which is primarily indicated for all the wet-area joints, and pipe collars.

    The Trugard-Wet-area-ST is a sloped tray made from lightweight broadened polystyrene that is produced tiled applications. It is created to accept the Trugard Drain and the Trugard Waterproofing membrane. The Trugard Wet-area Drain is a flooring drain that is specifically developed to allow connections to Trugard-Trugard or other bonded waterproofing membranes. The Trugard Drain Package consists of the incorporated bonding flange, grate, height change collar, lateral change ring, and an ABS or PVC flange. The Trugard-Trugard is complied with the drain's big perforated bonding flange to form a water resistant connection at the top of the drain assembly. The Trugard-Drain features a square, completely adjustable grate to accommodate 1/4" to 1 1/4". The Trugard Drain is readily available in a variety of surfaces for the grate such as; Stainless-steel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Brass, and Brushed Nickel. The grate assembly permits for lateral and tile adjustments as well, making it a lot more convenient to use the Trugard-Wet-area Tray and its drain. The Trugard-Drain is designed to just integrate with Basic 2" drain pipes, thus making it completely suitable for new building and construction along with restoration. Trugard likewise brings a Trugard-Drain Adapter which is utilized to transform the conventional securing ring drains pipes to incorporated bonding flange drains pipes when eliminating of the clamping ring drain is not practical. The Trugard Drain Adapter features a stainless steel adapter ring with an over-molded rubber gasket that is indicated to replace the clamping ring and is sealed to the existing drain body utilizing the Trugard-Trugard-Fix. Trugard likewise carries an Industrial Drain Adaptor Set which includes a stainless steel bonding flange or an ABS bonding flange. The Trugard Wet-area installation is simpler to utilize than before and is suggested to be user-friendly with all their simple directions and readily available products.
    Trugard Shower Pans and Waterproofing Trugard Wet-area is an exceptional choice for any specific that is looking for a curbless wet-area tray or the traditional Trugard Wet-area. One of the advantages of utilizing the Trugard Wet-area Tray and the Trugard Wet-area Base is the capability to water-proof the entire wet-area using Trugard products. The Trugard Trugard-line is incredibly popular in walk-in wet-area styles for its modern-day and sleek look is exactly what our clients are looking for in a curbless wet-area drain.

    As you can see the Trugard Wet-area and its Trugard Wet-area aspects is perfect for anyone looking for the ultimate water-proofed wet-area. With more and more of our customers building curbless wet-areas and steam wet-areas, the Trugard Wet-area set is the ideal fit for any specialist or home-owner. The Trugard-Drain and the Trugard Wet-area tray that is pre-sloped have actually transformed the methods wet-areas are constructed and built.
    Trugard Resident Dealership near your Area
    We enjoy to be Atlanta's primary independent Trugard Dealership and proudly stock all the required products and tools needed to developing your own curbless wet-area and direct drain. We equip a bulk of the Trugard-Line linear drains pipes in a range of sizes together with the different grate alternatives. Please make certain to check out either of our Atlanta's tile display rooms or call us to assist you execute these remarkable items into your next bathroom installation.

    It was created to change the conventional wet-area tray approach, which is time and labor intensive. The Trugard wet-area tray waterproofing allows for the direct bonding of tile the water resistant product.

    The Trugard Wet-area resolves all the issues with the standard mortar bed wet-area tray. Since the tray is made of foam that can be cut to fit various size wet-area flooring layouts. The wet-area base can likewise be extended past the border of the wet-area tray utilizing dry pack mortar.

    Trugard material is a bonded waterproof membrane that can be applied to any wall board for a vapor-tight installation. It adheres to any shape for custom-made benches, curved walls, and uniquely-shaped wet-area trays. With the choice of pre-fabricated wet-area trays and a package that consists of all of the seals and elements you require, Trugard Trugard is a simple method to construct a water tight wet-area.

    Unlike wet-area tray liners, bonded waterproof membranes bond directly to the mortar bed and protect it from ending up being saturated with regular usage.
    See, the old-fashioned way to waterproof a wet-area is to utilize Durock & Red Guard.
    Waterproofing by doing this requires multiple application and numerous journeys for your professional. Here is what the steps look like:
    - Cut & Install Durock
    - Apply Red Guard
    - Wait next day for Red Guard to dry
    - Check thickness of Red Guard (it is necessary to examine the thickness because you have to have a certain millage to be waterproof.).
    - Re-apply Red Guard to completely seal (aka Completely Waterproof).
    - Wait next day to dry.
    - Then tile your wet-area.
    That is a great deal of actions to safely waterproof your wet-area.
    With a Trugard Wet-area, the process is much faster and more efficient.
    Here is our procedure:.
    - Waterproof & Set tile on very same day.
    And the good thing about the Trugard Wet-area is that there is no dust, no mess, and can be set up over drywall.
    That means that for new building, you can drywall the entire house and do not need to fret about cement board or tray liners.
    Installing the traditional way we explained above has a great deal of mess, and multiple clean-ups.

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