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Trugard Shower System
Trugard Shower System

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    The Trugard Shower System is an integrated family of products that together form a fully bonded, watertight assembly for tiled wet-areas The Trugard Wet-area Arrangement removes the danger of failures due to water and vapor penetration and significantly reduces overall installation time. From drains pipes to wet-area benches to waterproofing pipeline seals, Trugard Arrangements offers whatever you need to ensure a dependable and watertight setup.

    Contrary to popular belief, tiles and grout joints are not naturally water resistant, and need to be set up in combination with a waterproofing arrangement that successfully handles moisture and avoids mold growth.

    It is an all-inclusive plan including each of the parts needed to create a water tight wet-area assembly.
    * Created to create a fully waterproof and vapor-tight enclosure in tiled wet-areas and domestic steam wet-areas.
    * Includes wet-area tray, wet-area curb, waterproofing membrane, and waterproofing strips, formed corners, pipe seal, and mixing valve seal
    * Likewise consists of Trugard Drain with integrated bonding flange and grate available in numerous finishes
    * Wet-area set can likewise be bought without a drain
    * Multiple kit sizes offered

    We created our wet-area and tub packages to simplify the process and offer all of the waterproofing components needed to prepare your wet-area and tub walls for tile. Choose from our practical, assembled packages to discover the perfect fit for your next wet-area job.

    The classic charm of ceramic and stone tiles boosts the visual appeals of any bathroom. Tiled showers, steam wet-areas, and bath tub surrounds are luxurious and elegant and contribute to the value of your house.
    Tiles are not inherently water resistant, nevertheless, and should be installed in combination with a waterproofing arrangement that efficiently handles moisture to secure moisture-sensitive building products and control mold development.
    Assemblies accomplished using the Trugard Wet-area Arrangement reduce total setup time and remove the danger of failures due to water and vapor penetration, hence avoiding efflorescence and mold development.

    When developing a water resistant and leak-proof tiled shower, lots of elements come into play. Trugard deals you different choices that will help you save money on installation time, while accommodating your taste and needs.

    Ceramic and stone tiles are resilient, easy to maintain, and hygienic, representing the perfect surface coverings, especially in damp locations such as wet-areas and bathtub surrounds. These coverings are not inherently waterproof, nevertheless, and should be set up in conjunction with a waterproofing arrangement that successfully handles wetness to secure moisture-sensitive structure materials and control mold development.

    The conventional method for setting up tiled wet-areas is time and labor intensive and creates a "water in/water out" arrangement. The waterproofing membrane, called a pan liner, is positioned over this "pre-slope" and clamped into the drain. A moisture barrier normally must be consisted of behind the strong support on the walls (e.g., mortar, cement backerboard, and so on) and lapped over the pan liner to protect the wall cavities from moisture penetration and divert that moisture into the pan.
    Moisture will penetrate the mortar bed and strong support on the walls. With regular use of the wet-area the mortar bed can stay saturated, particularly if pre-slope setup is ignored or the weep holes become stopped up, hence increasing the potential for efflorescence and mold growth within the arrangement.

    The Waterproofing Membrane Shower System is an integrated family of items that develops a "sealed" arrangement. Unlike wet-area pan liners in standard assemblies,  a bonded waterproofing membrane that allows for the direct application of tile with thin-set mortar. In addition, it is installed over the strong backing (e.g., gypsum board, cement backerboard, and so on) on walls, developing a totally waterproof and vapor- tight enclosure.
    The resulting assembly supplies superior wetness management as it does not permit moisture to permeate into the mortar bed or solid support, permitting the assembly to dry entirely in between usages. The incorporated Wet-area Arrangement eliminates leakages, reduces the potential for efflorescence and mold growth in the arrangement, and considerably reduces total installation time to guarantee success and make wet-area setup easier than ever.

    Standard tiled shower installations are time consuming, pricey, and leave your wet-area vulnerable to mold development and efflorescence. Trugard uses a wide variety of completely incorporated components for developing a compl ete, high-quality wet-area assembly that incorporates superior waterproofing innovation, which both streamlines wet-area installation and secures your financial investment.
    Trugard Wet-area Arrangements consist of drains pipes, waterproofing products and prefabricated substrates, such as curbs, benches specific niches, and trays, readily available separately or as part of a hassle-free, all-encompassing set.

    Any tile arrangement need to be installed in combination with a waterproofing arrangement that successfully handles wetness and avoids mold development. Trugard Wet-area Arrangement is an integrated family of items that together form a completely bonded, leak-proof assembly for tiled wet-areas. Trugard Wet-area Arrangement gets rid of the danger of failures due to water and vapor penetration and significantly decreases total installation time.

    If you're including a Wet-area System in a restroom remodelling, here are 3 proven setup ideas. shower pans pre sloped
    Tip 1: Cutting Trays, Curbs & Benches
    Upraised wet-area substrates such as trays, benches, and curbs are perfect options for consisting of mortar-free parts in any tiled wet-area. But what if your customer has a smaller sized wet-area? These prefabricated wet-area substrates can be cut to size to fit almost any wet-area application.
    Here's how:
    * For the wet-area tray, you can use an utility knife to cut to size. Remember that due to the fact that the tray is sloped, when you sufficed, the boundary will be thinner. Preferably, cut the tray by equivalent amounts on all sides-- this will keep the height consistent and assist make sure an even elevation for the very first course of wall tile.
    * The wet-area curb and bench are both much thicker, so the very best technique is to utilize a hand saw if you require to cut these down in size. Ensure to utilize a sharp blade, and take the time to draw a square line on the curb or bench to ensure a straight, clean cut. You can cut the curb to height by utilizing a hand saw.

    Suggestion 2: Lessening Build-Up At Inside Wet-area Corners
    Build-up at within wet-area corners can be particularly difficult when setting little tiles on the wet-area base or walls. To prevent this, start by installing the preformed corners.
    Next, measure and cut sections of band waterproofing strips to seal the areas in between corners. A 2" overlap can be accomplished without continuing band all the method into the corner of the wet-area.
    As an additional idea, crease the Band before installation to help preserve tight corners and make subsequent tile setting as easy as possible.
    Suggestion 3: How To Seal
    When waterproofing your wet-area with the Trugard membrane, it is necessary to make certain to seal all seams that are produced when setting up surrounding sheets of the membrane. This will assist make sure the waterproof stability of your wet-area.
    There are two ways to do this. Here's how:
     sheets might be signed up with using a lap seam. This approach permits you to combine membrane setup and joint sealing in one action. Ensure that the 2nd sheet of Trugard membrane overlaps the first by a minimum of 2"-- you can make sure this is accomplished by marking the sheet 2" from the edge.
    * Additionally, sheets might be butted and covered with Band waterproofing strips. Given that Trugard band is half the thickness, accumulation at joints is minimized using this technique.

    Trugard alternative shower kits are an innovative bonded waterproofing membrane developed for usage with stone and ceramic tile setups. From this initial waterproofing item, Trugard expanded the item line to consist of a total Wet-area System with premade elements consisting of wet-area trays, benches, specific niches, waterproofing corners, and drains pipes that incorporate flawlessly together for a complete wet-area setup. 

    Trugard waterproofing membrane, includes a polyethylene core with a polypropylene fleece webbing on the sides to anchor into the thinset mortar. It is waterproof and chemical resistant to most saline services, acid and alkai services, oils, many natural solvents, and alcohol. It can be utilized on both vertical and horizontal surfaces and is excellent for waterproofing not only wet-areas however anywhere waterproofing is required such as tub surrounds and locations around pools. In addition, it can be utilized in commercial applications such as breweries, dairies, and other food market applications. A corner stone to our line of items is Trugard Wet-area Tray. Setting up a standard mortar bed for a wet-area is untidy, time consuming, labor extensive, and challenging to ensure the right slope is achieved. The prefabricated foam wet-area pan is already sloped and developed to be used in conjunction with Trugard waterproofing membrane for a simple and quick wet-area setup. For the perfect fit, the Wet-area Tray can be cut down to size if it is too huge, or a dry pack can be used to fill the space if the Wet-area Tray is too little. To complete the watertight seal, the Trugard Wet-area Trays are developed to accept the Trugard Linear drain. The drains pipes function an unique, integrated bonding flange for a safe and secure, water resistant connection to the Trugard Waterproofing Membrane. Drain has a fully adjustable grate that will accommodate a wide variety of tile densities while the Tileable Covering Support sits flush with top of the bonding flange to accommodate any density of tile. The Trugard drains pipes are low profile direct drains pipes designed for bonded waterproofing assemblies in wet-areas and other waterproofing applications. Unlike traditional drains pipes that require a wet-area base sloped in all instructions to the drain, with the Trugard Linear drains the wet-area base can be sloped on a single aircraft straight to the drain. With a single sloped airplane, tile choice isn't simply limited to smaller or mosaic tile and enables popular big format tile can be utilized. waterproofing accessories consist of the BAND and FLEX. For butt or corner joints, utilize BAND, and for expansion joints and versatile edge joints, utilize FLEX. Additionally, the preformed inside and outdoors corners will speed up the setup procedure and ensure that a water tight seal is attained.

    The Trugard Wet-area System is implied to be used in conjunction. Depending on the substrate that is being used for a specific wet-area, the membrane is an ideal water-proofing membrane that can be applied using a trowel. Trugard is also readily available with outdoors and inside corners.

    The Integrated Trugard Wet-area Arrangement Is Created To Develop A Fully Sealed Assembly Which Gets Rid Of The Prospective For Leakage And Mold Development. Prefabricated Wet-area Substrates Offer An Alternative To Wet-area Bases Built Of Mortar And Drastically Reduce Setup Time.

    The Trugard Wet-area Arrangement is an incorporated family of products that together form a completely bonded, leak-proof assembly for tiled wet-areas. The Trugard Wet-area Arrangement gets rid of the threat of failures due to water and vapor penetration and drastically decreases overall installation time. From drains to wet-area benches to waterproofing pipeline seals, Trugars Arrangements offers whatever you need to guarantee a reputable and water tight setup.

    This brand-new online tool will bring you through a series of questions to assemble the appropriate Trugard Wet-area Arrangement setup videos into one customized playlist for your setup
    Your custom-made playlist can be re-visited later with the special link developed, and likewise can be shared out with others.

    Develop your dream wet-area with the assistance of a Trugard wet-area arrangement. A must-have for the DIY fan, Trugard wet-area arrangements make it easy to develop a waterproof surface for your wet-area and tile directly on it later on.

    The Trugard Wet-area Arrangement is reliable and considerably minimizes installation time, making wet-area installation easier than ever. Someone can get a wet-area ready for tile in a portion of the time it takes with conventional installation techniques.

    Increase your performance and use a arrangement that is not only fast and simple to install, however one that is reputable and makes sure a water resistant and vapor-tight wet-area assembly.

    the Trugard Wet-area Arrangement was presented to offer a lightweight, easy-to-install option to mortar bases. And when set up correctly, the Trugard Wet-area Arrangement is 100% waterproof!
    Unlike wet-area pan liners, bonded water resistant membranes bond directly to the mortar bed and protect it from becoming saturated with regular use.
    Waterproofing by doing this needs numerous application and several trips for your contractor.

    That is a great deal of actions to securely water resistant your wet-area.
    With a Trugard Wet-area Arrangement, the process is much faster and more effective.


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