Best Schluter Shower Pan and Kerdi Membrane Alternative

In this article we are going to talk about a lot of different things and answer some of our most common questions. We are going to compare the difference between the Schluter shower pan kerdi membrane, Durock products, older systems and the Trugard products. While there are some similarities there are some differences as well that we would like to point out. This article is going to be broken down into a few different sections, each of which will have their own set of questions, products and prices to compare. Let's get started.....

Many people ask us "what is the difference between the Trugard products and the Schluter Kerdi products"? 

We simply tell them that:
  • We love the Schluter Kerdi products and system, that is, everything except the price.
  • We used the Schluter Kerdi waterproofing system in our own new home communities for several years before creating Trugard Direct.
  • At Trugard Direct, we manufactuer our products to be extremely high quality just like the Schluter Kerdi products are.
  • The Trugard Vapor-shield membrane is made of very similar materials in a similar process as the Kerdi product, which is a middle layer of polyethylene and to outside layers of polypropylene fleece-like fabric, all bonded together.
  • Our drains are made very similar and out of the high quality materials with slight differences.
  • Schluter shower pan kerdi membrane has a 10 year warranty, while Trugard Vapor-shield has a lifetime warranty.
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Trugard vs Kerdi

Many people ask us "what is the difference between Trugard's products and the Liquid Paint-on waterproof products"?

We simply tell them that:
  • The bonded polyethylene shower waterproof system has an impeccable nearly a 40 year proven track record. Still holding up strong, with no issues.
  • Most liquid waterproof membranes offer only a one-year warranty, which provides very little if any peace of mind for the homeowner.
  • The liquid waterproof system has a much shorter track record, with the track record of not being leak-proof long-term.
  • We at hear many stories of people buying our Vapor-shield system to repair or redo their wet area that had previously been waterproofed with liquid membranes.
  • Shane Reid of, a waterproof expert in Australia has shared with us how most of the tile contractors started using the liquid membranes about 10-12 years ago, and that at year seven they started failing. Now many of the contractors are going back to the polyethylene system to replace them.
Trugard vs Rubber Shower Pan
Many tile contractors ask us "what is the difference between Trugard's shower system and the rubber pan and cement backerboard waterproofing system"?

We simply tell them that:
  • The old rubber pan and cement backer board tile system is problematic and does not have the best track record.
  • We have many remodel contractors that tell us the horror stories of leaking rubber pan's, and how cement backerboard wicks up water and carries it to the wood walls behind the wet area which creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew.
  • The rubber system is placed under the cement mortar bed, leaving the mortar bed continuously saturated with water, which keeps the floor tile moist, often giving a musty smell and and the perfect environment to promote mold growth.
  • If the rubber pan is not installed perfectly, it often results in leaks that get through to the wood, causing decay and mold growth.
    *Pricing for the cement board comparison is based on Home Depot prices and includes some additional labor for the extra labor required for backerboard, and on drywall being installed with the original home construction for the Trugard.
How To Make The Choice Between Systems

In the beginning of any new construction or renovation there a few important things you will want to know compare with any product you are going to consider
  • What is the proven track record of the company or product you are considering?
  • What is the price difference between similar products?
  • What type of warranty is offerd with the products?
  • If you are hiring a professional, do they have experience installing the products you have chosen?
  • What are other people saying about the differnet products? 

An important part of any new construction or renovation is research and comparison. Whether you are doing the work yourself or hiring a professional to do the work being educated and informed about the product lines and materials being used in your home is a very important part of the process. In order for you to make the most educated decision you have to look at all the options and then the individual features and benefits of each individual product or product line. Once you have done this and compared those aspects take a look at reviews to see what others who have used the products have to say.  While reviews are still important and can be very accurate at times try to base your decision on more solid and proven facts. For more info click here. Reviews can sometimes be written in anger and may be over exagerated in that moment. You have to remember the old saying "you can't please everyone" when you are reading reviews. By doing this you will allow yourself to be 100% comfortable with the products you have chosen for you home. Below we would like to go over a few different compaisons between the Trugard systems vs. traditional systems.

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