Shower Pipe Seals- 10 Pack

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Pipe Seal Size: 6" Diameter with 1/2 inch hole that will stretch snugly over 1/2 to 3/4 inch pipes. This TGVS Seals are prefabricated seals made of cut out sections of the TRU-GARD® Vapor-shield waterproofing membrane designed to create a tight seal around protrusions through the TRU-GARD® Vapor-shield membrane make the shower waterproofing envelope water tight and leak-proof.

Trugard Pipe & Shower Valve Seals, similar to the KERDI-SEAL-PS and -MV, are prefabricated sections of the Trugard waterproofing membrane.

"Make it Leak-proof"... TRUGARD®

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Shower Pipe Seals- 10 Pack
Shower Pipe Seals- 10 Pack

In stock


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