Installation "How To" Center

Tools for Installing your Trugard Tile Shower

Demolition & Removal of Fiberglass Shower

Trugard vs Rubber Shower Pan or Liquid Paint-on

How to Correctly Build a Shower Bench

Installing the Shower Drain

How to Correctly Install a Mortar Bed

Pre-folding and Pre-cutting the Vapor-shield Membrane

Apply the Trugard Membrane to the floor

How to Correctly Waterproof a Tile Shower Bench

Inside Corner Seal Installation

Curb Membrane Installation

Adding Outside Corner Seals

Correctly Install the Shower Valve Seal

Pipe Seal Installation

Installing Floor Tile Around Shower Drain

Waterproofing a Tile Bathtub Surround

Installing a Shower Niche

How to Extend Pre-Sloped Shower Tray

Waterproofing Wall Membrane

Different Size Shower Trays

48" x 48" Pre-sloped Shower Tray - Here's what's inside

Different Curbless Shower Tray Options

50" x 60" Curbless Linear One Slope Shower Tray

75" x 60" Curbless Linear One Slope Shower Tray