The Benefits of Linear Drain


Have you ever heard of linear drains? They are slowly becoming a popular trend in decorative plumbing. However, what most people fail to note is that the idea has existed for quite some time in the industrial and institutional application. After I moved into my new home in the countryside, I noticed a great improvement in lifestyle while using linear drains! So what exactly does it mean to have a linear drain?

First, these devices are the elongated rectilinear type of water exit or egress that increases the flow of water towards one exit port. What this does is that it improves the process of removing liquid out of the shower drain. It is quite efficient!

Key Features to Consider On Linear Drains

Moving in into a new home setting is never easy. There are indeed quite a number of factors that may require you to upgrade your indoor house setting. Installing a linear shower drain might be one of these factors. We, after all, have to live comfortable and satisfactory lives. Where else should you achieve this, if not in the serene environments of your luxury home?

Before I fitted linear drains in my showers, there were some few points that I was able to collect along the way:

  • They are an intelligent and unique option because of the different choices they provide you from a cool fashion point of view
  • They are an improved method of drainage that offer a minimalist seamless appearance to any shower
  • They are also in different varieties to ensure that you get exactly what you need. You may find them in varying lengths, finishes or style choices.

Let us now dive into the benefits of applying linear shower drains in your bathroom(s). Some of the advantages here may shock you while others may go on to answer any burning question you may have.

The Benefits of Using Linear Drains

The list below shows some huge advantages that come with using these devices in your shower. Besides, those who use them now would say that they are even a smart purchase for home improvement!

1. Installation

While improving my indoor home setting, some activities such as adding tiles to my kitchen floor was rather challenging. In addition, they also consumed a lot of time. However, once it came to fitting in linear drains, the process ended up becoming far much easier. So what’s required during installation?

On a more technical perspective, the process requires a sloped shower floor. It should face one particular direction as it moves towards the drain. This is different from center drains which require you to slope the floor in four varying ways, still as you move towards the drain. As a result, you will note that this is not only a huge time-saver but it’s also widely effective.

I have fitted linear drains in three bathrooms in my home and it only took me two days. Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the help of professionals and a skilled labor force - two things that are also not that hard to find!

2. No Barriers And Accessibility In Using Curbless Showers

By the year 2040, research shows that close to twenty-one percent of the earth’s population will consist of the elderly members of society. Having this in mind, do you think that your home is ready to shelter this old generation? The truth is that there are too much tight, slippery, and unfriendly spaces in bathtubs and showers.

Therefore, having curbless showers helps in bridging the gap between the shower and other parts of the bathroom. As such, this makes it entirely good for the disabled people using wheelchairs, and for the normal users as well.

While using linear drains, you’ll note that the traditional installations of curbs in the showers tubes are removed. Therefore, it goes on to provide what I like to call a barrier free entrance straight to the shower. You can now shift from wet to dry areas rather easily in your home!

3. Design Continuity

I view my bathroom as a unique personal space or a small sanctuary. In all my bathrooms, I have made different customizations and modifications so as to suit my various needs. The first step I took was to first install a linear shower drain.

The results have been rather fruitful and you should maybe consider using linear drains to improve the appearance of your home. For example, in my master bathroom, I installed the linear shower drain using the tile-in option. Why did I choose this method? Well, the answer is pretty simple - to prevent the surface from being damaged by visual detraction! The drain disappears and blends perfectly together with the tile design.

Besides, there are also no limitations on the slap material or the size you to choose to use. They come in various shapes and sizes and it all depends on your tastes and preferences while choosing what works best for your home. It is through this that the tile-in option has slowly become popular amongst most homeowners.

Looking at the different designs out there, it’s important to know that the grate style present in the linear drain is not limited to merely a grid pattern. However, there are different designs that may please you! These go on to give your bathroom that comfortable feel and improved customization.

4. Safety

I’ve had countless injuries at home, most of them as a result of falling. Surprisingly, close to 2.5 million people go through the same problem every year. The resulting factor normally involves unforeseen medical expenses. Experts in the field of finance add that by the year 2030, the overall costs will fall at thirty-four billion dollars, quite shocking right?

It is, therefore, important to remove any form of hindrance. This is not only logical but also the more practical decision. Linear drains have improved the quality of life in my new home and taken away the phobia of getting injured while taking a shower.

As if this is not enough, they also go ahead to ensure the disabled members of society receive the best services. Linear drains work within the rules and guidelines of The American Disability Act. For example, wheelchair users can now comfortably use the showers without straining.

5. Maintenance

The process of cleaning linear drains is also rather simple! What it only requires is identifying their manufacturing material. While cleaning, expert’s advice that you use a blend of water and soap. It is, therefore, necessary to make sure that your linear drain comes with a good debris basket.

What this does is that it makes sure that instances of clogging or blockages of pipes are greatly reduced. Most homeowners have complained of having to spend too much on pipe repair mechanisms.

6. Versatility and Flexibility

The flexibility of linear drains is quite shocking. Why so? Well, you can install the shower drain at any required point in the bathroom. For example, in one of my bathrooms, I have carefully placed one at the bottom left corner! What this eventually does for you is that it reduces additional charges and costs by working in spaces which have few obstacles or hindrances.

However, the best location to fit the linear drain has become a growing concern for most homeowners. The best places are probably two areas - the back wall of the shower room or at the entrance.

However, I noticed that you could also connect them in straight lines so as to enjoy longer spans. Similarly, you may also decide to place them in the corners of your bathroom wall. What’s clear is that the only limit here is your imagination!

7. Improved Technology in Shower Waterproofing

Linear drains are also advantageous in that they are better in adapting more freely to the constantly changing technology in shower waterproofing. Those who have already installed linear shower drains will tell you that compared to the past, the process is far much easier. Shower waterproofing sheet membranes of today are more effective than those of the past.The sheet membrane waterproofing product creates a complete and continuous layer of protection from the linear drain, all the way to the ceiling. What’s even more interesting is that the method does not need any tile or grout so as to create any waterproofing protection.


From the process of installation to conducting proper maintenance, linear drains provide a proper complement to interior design. The main purpose of interior designing is to add elegance and glamor to your home. The above benefits of linear drains show how much they are improving the home lifestyle! However, everything that has its advantages also comes with some drawbacks. What challenges have you faced after installing your linear shower drains?
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