Shower Linear Drains

When constructing your bathroom you have to ensure that you have the right type of drainage to ensure that waters flows into the drainage properly. Stagnant water more so in bathrooms can bring about mosquitoes or other water-borne maladies. This is why it is important to have a proper drainage system. Shower linear drains will help keep your bathroom clean by getting rid of waste water. Most people use linear drains in their homes especially in bathrooms because that is where most water needs to be drained out of the house. It does not matter whether you are renovating or constructing your bathroom but you have to ensure that your bathroom is carefully designed and the drains are installed by a specialist who will ensure that everything is in order.

So what is a linear drain exactly? By definition, it is an elongated rectangular exit for water, which maximizes the flow of water toward a single exit port achieving the most efficient removal of water from showers known to be possible.

Setting up drains requires a lot of work and factors to be considered. You cannot just come up with an installation and decide to use it. A couple of factors have to be considered like the site, the flow rate of water or the type of water proofing. This means that for your bathroom to have a proper drainage you have to be quite meticulous. The amount of work to be done will be depending on the type of linear drainage you will install. The different types of installation are determined by the factors mentioned above.

The type of drainage you decide to use in your bathroom will depend on a variety of variables such as;

  • Site conditions
  • Waterproofing and
  • Type of install
  • Depending on whether you are building a new bathroom or renovating your old bathroom, the choice you will make on where to put your linear drain is something you have to think about first. Depending on the condition of the site, moving the waste line to suit your preference is quite possible. When installing a linear drainage you are supposed to consult with us so that you can get the best advice on which type of installation to use for your bathroom.

    With today's craving for at home spa-like retreats, linear drains give great flexibility in design as well as a luxurious elegance and pampered atmosphere that meets the extreme need to escape for some “me time” to unwind, from today's fast pace high demand world and recharge to meet another stressful day. The “craze” of transforming traditional task oriented bathroom into an escape oasis, often include barrier free entrances built-in seats, benches, and adequate inset niches. Linear drains allow for single-sloped floors and large sized floor tiles inside the shower that carry right into the main bathroom area, whereas historically shower floors have been sloped from all directions toward a central drain, limiting the floor tiles to mosaics or other relatively small-format tiles.

    Trugard has three types of linear drain installation systems that is

  • End wall placement
  • Doorway threshold placement
  • Intermediate placement
  • Placement of the Trugard Truline linear shower drain is ideally in one of three locations. Adjacent to an end wall, at the threshold of the shower doorway or somewhere in the middle of the shower, steam room or wet room floor.

    These are the different types of linear drainage installations you can use for your bathroom. We talked earlier and we said that you will have to ask the opinion of an expert so that they can provide you with the best advice on which type of installation will be suitable for your bathroom. There are a couple of variables that have to be considered in order for you to decide on the type of linear drainage to use. You may end up using the wrong type of drainage for your shower which may cause flooding or clogging. Most of the accidents which occur in the bathroom are caused by water just lying around making the bathroom very slippery. That is why you need a good drainage system for your bathroom instantly.

    Flow Rates
    There are many factors which influence the flow of water in the bathroom and that also affect how your drainage will respond depending on the type of installation you used. The listed gallons per minute on the linear drains are normally accounted for by the flow of water from half an inch high. The more high your shower head is will change the flow rate. Since the flow rate of the water in your bathroom has to be considered before deciding on the type of installation to use, you also have to check the factors which affect the flow rate of water.

    Factors to consider:

  • The flow rate of the shower valve. This will be determined mostly by how high the showerhead/valve is.
  • The number of shower valves is also a factor because the more the number of shower heads the more the flow rate will increase because there will be a production of large mass of water.
  • The water pressure of the site location of your house is a factor too which has to be considered because it will definitely affect the flow rate in the bathroom.
  • The number of water features is a factor too because this means that the amount of water which will be going to the drainage is going to be a lot therefore the type of installation to be used has to be able to support this factor.
  • Whether flow restrictors will be removed from the fixtures.
  • All this factors listed above affect the flow rate of water in your bathroom thus determining the proper type of drain and outlets if necessary. These factors can vary drastically from installation to installation therefore coming up with an absolute flow rate can become an up-hill task.

    Linear drains are intended for both out door and in door purposes. For indoor purposes especially in the bathroom, we recommend an outlet every thirty inches.

    Trugard Direct offers these same ultramodern polyethylene shower waterproof systems. They are the best waterproofing systems available on the market and have an impeccable track record to prove it. Waterproofing your bathroom is very important because it will ensure that there are no leakages or any other water-related problems brought about by poor waterproofing. Trugard also sells their products at a friendly price compared to other companies and they guarantee performance of their products.

    It is very important that you have the best type of linear drainage in your bathroom in order to ensure hygiene and proper drainage. The types of installation and the factors which help you to determine the flow rate of water in your bathroom will go a long way in ensuring that your bathroom has the best drainage system. Before you do the installations make sure that you consult an expert to advice on which type of installation is the best for you. This will ensure that you construct linear drains using the right conditions and that it will provide effective drainage.

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