How to Choose the Best Linear Shower Drains

After a tiresome day at work or of performing other daily duties, we all want to enjoy a nice, warm, shower in the evening. For a majority of people, having the best shower designs is as important as any other room in the house. While we’re on the topic of showers, we will talk about linear drains. Here, we will look at what factors you need to consider before purchasing your linear drain!

The following tips will help you pick out the best linear shower drain. However, we need first to see why every bathroom today needs this type of shower drain.

Is The Linear Shower Drain Perfect For Your Bathroom?
The right linear drain is perfect for your curbless shower
Linear shower drains are products that come in measurements of twenty-four inches to sixty inches. Their shape means that they can be fixed and against a shower wall. Similarly, their size allows designers and architects to choose larger floor tiles. Linear drains also look fresh and elegant. It’s maybe because of this reason that their popularity is growing tremendously!

We found out that within the last twelve to eighteen months, the use of linear shower drains has very popular. Linear drains are way better than the traditional pipes as contractors and designers spend a little time in their installation.

Typical conventional pipes are usually installed using two layers of densely installed concrete floors. The process takes about eight to ten hours. However, when it comes to linear shower drains, the process of installation takes only one hour. You end up saving close to nine hours of valuable time!

The Trugard linear drains are slowly becoming popular in the market. Although they face competition from other products, they remain an excellent bathroom addition. Examples of such linear shower drains include the TRU-LINE Linear Shower Drains.

What then should you look at while choosing the best linear shower drains? Well, we have identified a couple of reasons that are sure to help you!

The Process of Installation

While purchasing your linear drain, it’s a little bit wiser to choose the one that’s easy to install. The reason behind this is to prevent cases of poor installation or added costs required while hiring a professional plumber to install the linear shower drain. A good example of easy to install linear shower drains are the TRUE-LINE Linear Drains. So, how easy are they to install?

You will most likely be surprised to learn that the process of installing the TRUE-LINE linear shower drains is quite simple. By following the correct process of installation, you give your bathroom the best drainage services.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Cleaning your linear drain ensures it remains health friendly and safe
Another essential factor to consider before buying any linear drain is the process of cleaning and maintenance. Does your linear shower drain clog too much? When looking for a linear drain, make sure it comes with a removable basket for collecting solid materials that would otherwise clog it. By doing this, you can say goodbye to clogging. Remember that clogging of pipes is a huge problem facing some homes! Why should you want yours to be among them?

The process of cleaning linear shower drains rather easy. Let us look at the key steps to follow:

  • 1. Carefully remove or lift up the shower drain cover. Afterward, wipe the linear shower drain using a paper towel. This is so as to remove soap, hair, scum or any other type of unwanted material.
  • 2. The next step is to thoroughly scrub and clean the drain cover using a scrubbing brush. Choose a cleaning substance that will not destroy the tile or stainless steel. Remember that your linear drain should not lose its beauty. In this case, do not use a stiff scrubbing brush!
  • 3. After you are done washing the drain cover, put it aside. Repeat the same process while cleaning the base of the drain or gutter.

What about Safety?
We all want the best for ourselves and our families. Similarly, we all aspire to live long and healthy lives. Therefore, choosing the safest linear shower drain is a key point to always remember during purchase. Ensure that the product you’re buying has got a proper drain filter. Such means that water will not flood your bathroom causing a slippery wet surface. Having wet bathroom floors all the time increases the chances of unwanted accidents such as falling.

An excellent example of a safe linear shower drain from is the sqft shower kit with a linear drain.

How About When It Comes To Design?
Choose the linear shower drains with the most suitable design

Of course, elegance is a key point in selecting any linear shower drain. We all want our bathrooms or showers to have the best possible sleek design appearance. Linear drain designs come in different varieties of shapes and sizes. Besides, selecting a beautiful linear shower drain goes a long way in creating an elegant feel each time you step in your bathroom to take a shower.

A good example of best linear drain designs are the tile-in drains. These pipes generally fit in perfectly with the bathroom tiles, and even sometimes, you can hardly tell the difference! All you’re likely to see is water disappearing through the wet shower floor.

Also, Consider the Cost
When it comes to the price, pick the most affordable linear shower drain. The truth is that linear drains are more expensive as compared to the traditional shower drain. This is mainly because they are of higher quality standards allowing them to be more efficient in draining wet bathroom floors.

An easily affordable linear shower drain is the 28” TRU-LINE Linear Shower Drain. With such a device, you’re assured of good performance at a rather low price!

While purchasing a linear drain, it’s also necessary to buy one which has a broad range of installation options. You may install it next to the wall behind the bathroom door or even in the farthest wall opposite the shower door. Here, your tastes and preferences are what will make you buy the best linear drain.

Different people will have varying opinions on their excellent choices. Therefore, trust your instincts and select the linear drain that matches your needs and adds beauty and high-quality standards to your bathroom!

We have seen that there are a lot of factors to consider while purchasing the best linear shower drains. Hence, take enough time and carefully go through most, if not all options. If you have gained something from this article, go on and spread this message and let us together, create a perfect bathroom environment.

However, there is still a lot we need to discuss. As such, we would like you to keep the conversation going. If you are already using a linear shower drain, what was your greatest consideration?

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